September 02, 2015

02/09/2015: Next instruments wins AgriBusiness Innovation of the Year Award 2015

First published in Milling and Grain, May 2015

Next Instruments is pleased to announce that they were awarded the 2015 AgriBusiness Innovation of the Year Award at the Wimmera Field Days, held in Horsham, Victoria, Australia on March 3rd to 5th, 2015. The award was for the CropScan 3000S On Silo Analyser that was launched at the event.

The CropScan 3000S is an unique system designed for measuring protein, moisture and oil in grains and oil seeds as they pass through an auger, along a conveyor belt or through a pneumatic pipe. The system consists of the CropScan 3000 Near Infrared Transmission spectrometer, a Remote Sampling Head and a Touch Screen PC Controller mounted onto a trolley for transporting the system around the yard or shed.

The CropScan 3000S On Silo Analyser is part of an on-going product development that started 15 years ago when NIR Technology Systems developed a portable NIR analyser for farmers. Since 2000, NIR Technology Systems and now Next Instruments, have introduced a complete range of on farm analyser technology that includes the CropScan 3000H On Combine Analyser, the CropScan 1000H On Farm Analyser, the CropScan 1000B Whole Grain Analyser and CropNet Farm Data Management Software.

The CropScan 3000S allows farmers, grain traders and grain processors to measure the quality parameters of their grain in realtime. This enables the user to monitor the protein, moisture and oil content as the grain is being loaded into a container, a truck or a ship. It allows farmers to blend grain from two silos to ensure that they meet contract specifications. It allows grain processors, eg, flour millers, stockfeed manufacturers, to check incoming loads of grain to ensure greater uniformity in feedstock.

The CropScan 3000S, like all the CropScan range of NIR analysers, is linked to the CropNet software which can then post data in real-time to the web. Farmers, buyers and traders can access the web using their smart phones, tablets or office PC to capture grain quality data along with tonnage, storage location, variety and other information relating to the grain.        

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