December 02, 2019

No more grunt work

by BinMaster, USA

Sensors and software bring feed mills and farms together to simplify feed inventory
Feed mills and farms have often been opposing forces when it comes to feed management. Although they share a common goal of producing and delivering quality products, inventory management and delivery schedules create friction. Weekend deliveries, feed outages, and last-minute orders frustrate feed mills and run up costs for farmers.

Technology innovation from BinMaster bridges this gap, allowing feed mills and farmers to work in harmony. FeedView, a new inventory management solution, combines sensors and software to create a dynamic system that supports both entities in their goals.

Frustration on the farm
Historically, farmers have been faced with climbing bins, relying on guesswork, massive spreadsheets, and piles of paperwork to manage feed demands. This has resulted in unreliable inventory data and running low or out of feed at the most inopportune times. FeedView transforms this process, making current and projected feed inventory information easily available on any internet-capable device such as a phone, tablet or computer.

FeedView is a comprehensive feed management solution that combines wireless, battery-powered level sensors with a cloud-based, simple-to-use software. It automatically measures bin levels and projects consumption using historical consumption rates to help farmers project outages and know when to schedule deliveries.

Feed mills flustered
Mill managers are often victims of an emergency phone call. A farm is out of feed or will not have enough feed to get through the weekend and so mill staff are called to work overtime or on a day off to make an unscheduled delivery. Upon arrival, the amount of feed in the truck may not fit in the silo and can result in spills or wasted feed. These interruptions cost the mill money and necessitate extra charges be passed on to farmers, creating tension in the relationship.

Feed mills benefit from FeedView as farmers are better informed about their inventory situation and can be proactive in their ordering. Farmers will also know how much space they have in silos to prevent ordering too much feed.

Orders can be placed ahead of time or sent to the mill automatically using a feature in the FeedView software. Farmers also have the option of allowing the mill to remotely monitor feed silos on the farm and project what feed needs will be based upon historical use.

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