November 29, 2021

Alapala to acquire majority of the shares of Axor Srl to ensure strong partnership in pasta technologies

Alapala, one of the leading providers of turnkey wheat, semolina, maize and feedmills with over 700 successfully completed projects and Axor Srl, Italian pasta technology company delivering pasta production plants worldwide will expand their strategic partnership to build integrated plants for the food industry.

Developing products and solutions to meet needs in food technologies, Alapala continues to make investments to grow further. Alapala's new move took place in Italy, the leading country in the global pasta and pasta technologies industries. Alapala has acquired majority of the shares of Axor Srl to ensure a strong relationship with one of the Italy's pioneering companies in pasta technologies.

Pointing to the fact that pasta technologies are integrated with flourmilling in the food industry, Alapala Holding CEO Görkem Alapala says, "As one of the leading grain processing technology groups and Turkey's leader grain processing and food technology exporters, we have extended our operations to pasta technologies industry through an acquisition. We will be operating in international markets in this niche sector. We will continue our production in Italy with our partners whom are the founders of Axor Srl. By combining our networks through the partnership between Alapala and Axor Srl, we will be able to supply integrated plants."

For more information visit the Alapala website, HERE.
Or visit the Axor Srl website, HERE.

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November 26, 2021

SternEnzym improves the production of gluten-free wafers with their new compound

Enzyme designer SternEnzym facilitates the production of high-quality gluten-free wafers with its new compound Sternzym GA 31077 GF. This improver makes gluten-free wafers as stable and crispy as standard wafers.

In recent years consumer interest in gluten-free foods has risen sharply. People suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance have to be careful not to eat foods containing this protein. But for many consumers, the reasons for choosing gluten-free foods are not strictly medical. More and more perceive gluten-free products as healthier. Thus, gluten-free is no longer a niche product. 'Adding gluten-free baked goods to a product range is an ideal way for manufacturers to expand their target groups and meet a growing demand,' says Dr Karin Abraham, Head of Research and Development at SternEnzym.

However, gluten-free flour is a challenge in the production of baked goods, because gluten is an important ingredient that gives dough more elasticity and provides a better structure. Gluten also improves mixing tolerance and gas retention ability.

It's especially difficult to make gluten-free flat baked goods like cookies with a crème filling between thin, crispy wafer sheets. Normally, gluten is part of what gives such thin baked goods their stability. The flour used for high-quality wafer sheets typically has a protein content of nine to 11 percent. Lower than that, the wafer is too soft and fragile. Higher than that, the wafer becomes too hard. These fluctuations can in principle be compensated for with enzymes.

However, the complete absence of gluten presents a greater challenge for making quality wafer sheets. Enzyme designer SternEnzym has developed a new solution – the improver Sternzym GA 31077 GF. 'With the help of this enzyme compound, high-quality wafers can be made from gluten-free flour. The consumer can't tell any difference,' says Angelika Drakulic, Application Technologist at SternEnzym. The enzymatic solution Sternzym GA 31077 GF ensures optimum dough viscosity and adaptable wafer sheet colour. Sternzym GA 31077 GF can be added to various gluten-free flours, and is a mix of standardised glucoamylase enzyme from fungus with a thickener. Glucoamylase turns starch into glucose units, supporting fermentation and giving an even browning. The thickener contributes to the viscoelastic properties of the dough.

For more information visit the SternEnzym website, HERE.

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This blog is maintained by The Global Miller staff and is supported by the magazine Milling and Grain
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November 24, 2021

The 5th Asia AgriTech Expo and Forum delivers outstanding results

Organised by Informa Markets Taiwan and co-organised by Council of Agriculture, the 5th Asia AgriTech Expo & Forum concluded on 13 November 2021 in Taipei, Taiwan with results exceeding everyone's expectations.

Industry leaders and trade buyers took full advantage of this precious opportunity to gather together and do business. Quality buyers and visitors from the domestic market and from across the world participated in both the online and the in-person events. During the exhibition over 70 percent of space for the 2022 edition was rebooked, underlining the importance of this event for all participants.

Image credit: Informa Markets

Serving as a must-attend event and the only in-person agricultural exhibition to be held under Covid-19 in most of the Asia countries, the exhibition attracted more than 120 exhibitors from nine countries and regions, and over 16,418 visits from 16 countries and regions.

Due to Covid-19 travel restriction, Asia Agritech Expo was held in conjunction with an online exhibition platform called 'Asia Livestock Hub' that featured 295 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions and 608 visitors from 45 countries and regions. The Hub and the official website's Digital Product Showrooms facilitated 60 matchmaking meetings for exhibitors both online and offline during 11-13 November 2021.

'Asia AgriTech Expo' is the only one 3-in-1 hybrid B2B agricultural event and sourcing opportunity for Asian agricultural community this year. Even though visitor turnout was down because of international travel restrictions, we did receive very positive compliments from exhibitors and quality visitors who engaged in serious trading from both the in-person exhibition and Asia Livestock Hub. Over 70 percent space for next year's exhibition was rebooked onsite. We deeply appreciate the support and trust that our industry partners have placed in us, and we look forward to delivering an even more efficient trading platform for Asian agricultural community next year,' says Ms Sabine Liu, General Manager of Informa Markets Taiwan.

The next Asia AgrTech Expo & Forum will be held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, on 10-12 November 2022.

To book space, please contact Ms Meiyu Chou at

Visit the Asia AgriTech Expo and Forum website, HERE.


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This blog is maintained by The Global Miller staff and is supported by the magazine Milling and Grain
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November 23, 2021

BASF and Cargill expand partnership to develop and market innovative enzyme-based solutions for the animal feed industry

BASF and Cargill are expanding their partnership in the animal nutrition business, adding research and development capabilities and new markets to the partners' existing feed enzymes distribution agreements. Together, they will develop, produce, market, and sell customer-centric enzyme products and solutions. The goal is to bring farmers feed innovations that reduce nutrient waste, improving feed efficiency, and promote animal growth and wellbeing.

'We are proud to enter this next stage of collaboration with Cargill. Through joint solutions we will further increase the value creation opportunities in the enzymes space,' says Julia Raquet, Senior Vice President BASF Animal Nutrition & Aroma Ingredients.
Image credit: Stanze on Flickr
(CC BY-SA 2.0)

'Together, BASF and Cargill are bringing forward market solutions that target zero nutrient waste and address customers' major productivity and sustainability challenges. By combining our scientific excellence and animal nutrition expertise, we will more quickly advance the feed industry efforts around greater nutrient absorption through enzymes that promote animal wellbeing and environmental protection,' says Adriano Marcon, President of Cargill's animal nutrition business.

Enzymes help animals increase nutrient utilisation from feed ingredients. This improves the growth of the animals and reduces nutrient excretion into the environment. Due to the lower excretion of nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen, the negative environmental impact is minimised, improving the overall sustainability of animal production. As enzymes increase feed efficiency in animals, less feed is needed to produce animal protein. In this way, enzymes help reduce land and water use to produce feed raw materials.

BASF is a pioneer and specialist in enzymes for more than 30 years, owning a genomic library with more than two million microorganisms. BASF's enzymes technology includes enzyme identification, engineering, registration, scale-up, production and formulation. Cargill is in a favorable position in the value chain – one that has direct interaction with both producers and consumer-facing customers. The direct relationship with producers allows Cargill to develop solutions that provide foundational economic and environmental benefits to their operations. Both companies thus share a joint bond and at the same time complement each other in their efforts to be leaders in the field of feed enzyme solutions globally.

'By combining BASF´s and Cargill´s research and development knowledge, application know-how and broad market reach, we will deliver enzyme products and solutions generating distinctive value to the animal nutrition industry,' says Daniela Calleri, Vice President Business Management BASF Animal Nutrition.

'Building upon the successful start of our distribution partnership, we will generate even more value for our customers moving forward. They will benefit from innovative enzyme products and solutions further increasing utilisation of feed nutrients and improving overall sustainability of animal production,' says Mariano Berdegue, Cargill Animal Nutrition Strategic Marketing and Technology Director.

Along with the new development agreement, BASF and Cargill also aim to expand their distribution partnerships over the coming months, adding further countries across multiple continents to the cooperation. This extended partnership builds upon the successful distribution collaboration both partners have developed across Brazil and the Middle East and Africa (MEA) in recent years.

Visit the Cargill website, HERE.

Visit the BASF website, HERE.

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November 22, 2021

V-Connect Indonesia Edition starts this week

There are just two days to go until the V-Connect Indonesia Edition, which will run online 24-25 November. You are invited to experience the online platform for ASEAN's Feed to Food Industry to meet, network and make deals, organised by ILDEX Indonesia and Aquatica Asia team.

Explore the variety of segmentation of the exhibitors and conferences including Livestock, Farm Management, Animal Health, Aquaculture and Consultation.

Take part in over 14 top-notch sessions on the topics like cage-free egg production, Newcastle disease, Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), usage of Black Soldier Fly Larvae, and more.

For more information visit the V-Connect Indonesia website, HERE.

Register, HERE.

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IFEEDER launches industrywide sustainability project

The Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER), along with The Context Network, officially launched a project this month to develop a sustainability road map for the animal food industry.

The road map will support the advancement of both corporate sustainability programs and climate-smart initiatives with key stakeholders. Through industry and stakeholder assessment, IFEEDER will evaluate risks and opportunities within each animal food industry segment to determine the extent of support to be mapped and further developed.

Image credit: dr_zoidberg on Flickr
(CC BY-SA 2.0)

'Our recent conversations with member companies about their sustainability programs have illuminated the fact that everyone in our industry – no matter where they are at in their sustainability journeys – wants to do more to help their customers achieve their climate pledges and meet changing consumer expectations,' says Lara Moody, IFEEDER's executive director. 'By leveraging the expertise of The Context Network, our goal is to use research and analysis to identify and advance strategies and tools our members can use to improve their sustainability programs and meet the needs of their stakeholders.'

The road map development will be conducted in three phases, with the first phase focusing on developing a gap analysis to understand the barriers preventing companies from launching or measuring progress on sustainability programs and mapping the stakeholders impacted by industry initiatives.

The second phase will be to conduct qualitative and quantitative research by working with select scientific advisors focused on environmental sustainability in the feed industry along with AFIA members and key supply chain advisors. The last phase will be developing key findings, tools and strategies the industry can use to advance their sustainability programs and communicate their vision to key influencers.

'A good sustainability road map will enable all members of the U.S. feed and pet food industry to collaboratively make progress on issues that are important to them, their customers and the communities they operate in,' says Matt Sutton-Vermeulen, principal of The Context Network. 'That means companies that have yet to begin their sustainability journeys will have an 'on-ramp' to get up to speed, while other companies with mature sustainability programs will be able to stay on track to make continuous improvements.'

IFEEDER continues to seek partners willing to join in the sustainability road map project, which is one part of its multifaceted strategies to advance understanding and trust in a sustainable animal food industry. To date, Arm and Hammer Animal and Food Production, Animix, LLC, Anipro/Xtraformance Feeds, Belstra Milling, Berg+Schmidt America, LLC, Bill Barr & Company, Inc., CJ Bio America, Inc., ED&F Man Liquid Products LLC, Elanco Animal Health, Kemin, The Mosaic Company, United Animal Health, Inc., Westway Feed Products and Zinpro Corporation have joined the effort.

For more information on IFEEDER's sustainability road map project visit the website, HERE.


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This blog is maintained by The Global Miller staff and is supported by the magazine Milling and Grain
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Kemin Industries launches TOXFIN® CARE all-in-one protection against mycotoxins in feed

Kemin Industries, a global ingredient has launched a new solution in Europe, TOXFIN® CARE, focused on preventing loss in performance and productivity by safeguarding animal organs and tissue from potential damage caused by mycotoxins.

Mycotoxin management is a crucial element in every livestock diet, as contaminated feed is a major challenge within the animal nutrition and health industry. Kemin aims to reinforce the immune system, protecting poultry, ruminants and pigs from the not-always-visible, negative effects of mycotoxins.
Image credit: Kemin

'The direct effects of mycotoxins, or clinical mycotoxicosis, are not always evident; we mostly see the indirect effects of contamination, such as a weakened immune system, which lead to a higher prevalence of diseases,' says Valentine Van Hamme, Business Manager – Health, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA (Europe, Middle East, North Africa). 'Contaminated feed is a major challenge across the entire feed industry, but we know that every situation is different and requires a unique solution. That's why Kemin offers a complete TOXFIN® range to ensure the right solution tailored to our customers' mycotoxin challenges.'

Mycotoxin management is crucial, so Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA offers an extensive portfolio of mycotoxin management solutions for its customers, with each product answering specific customer needs.

'Kemin already has a wide range of solutions available in our product portfolio to offer flexibility for our customers, but getting our newest portfolio member, TOXFIN CARE, on the market was crucial because it offers an all-in-one strategy,' says Ms Van Hamme. 'TOXFIN CARE offers extensive protection against mycotoxins because it contains a unique adsorbent blend, prevents oxidative stress, supports and protects the liver and modulates the immune system. This latter functionality, especially algae beta-glucan, makes the product unique.'

Along with a complete TOXFIN range, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA offers the Mycotoxin Management Toolbox, which allows for correct assessment and offers a solution to address the root of the problem – resulting in solutions for feed safety and overall protection of the animal.

"For successful mycotoxin management, one must select the right product, but other aspects are also critical,' says Ms Van Hamme. 'With Kemin's complete Mycotoxin Management Toolbox, we can support animal nutritionists and health specialists to make informed decisions on the use of raw materials, ensuring high-quality and safe feed formulation. The end goal is to have healthier and more profitable animals.'

Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA's Mycotoxin Management Toolbox mitigates mycotoxin risk with Kemin's Customer Laboratory Services feed analysis on mycotoxins; protects production animals using the TOXFIN range of solutions to control mycotoxins; and enables feed control with Myco CURB®, the industry-leading mould control product for feed preservation.

For more information visit the Kemin website, HERE.

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