January 30, 2023

Cimbria’s financing solutions support growth for customers

Cimbria's strategic focus on financing solutions support development for customers and create a competitive edge. The collaboration with national Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) enables Cimbria to help customers realise their investment plans for both turnkey solutions and single equipment within industrial processing, handling, and storage, which are becoming more relevant in unsettled times.

Purchasing new equipment and solutions for processing, handling, and storage of grain and seed, as well as coffee, animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products is a big investment, and some companies and organisations may require assistance with funding.

With its constant focus on customer needs, Cimbria has developed a new, structured approach to financing solutions that's tailored to the customer's specific requirements. Cimbria Financing is a key service offer and an important part of the company's customer focused sales strategy, "With an ever-changing market situation, financing big investments can be extra challenging. Investments in projects and equipment to secure food supply are crucial, and the realisation of them depends on the possibility of finding suitable financing," explains Allan Olsen, Trade Finance Manager, Cimbria.

He continues, "Our financing solutions are tailored for the customer's specific business requirements and often offer lower costs and better conditions than what is locally available from banks and financing institutes. Our down-payment requirements are also attractive. Furthermore, an easy and fast decision process and generally low documentation requirements make up the customer's most important advantages.

Cimbria bases its financing solutions on a collaboration with national Export Credit Agencies (ECAs), whose main purpose is to secure and develop national jobs through funding of promising projects and solutions. As a part of AGCO Corporation, Cimbria also offers financing solutions through AGCO Finance.

"In general, we experience an increasing demand for financial support. In these unsettled times with high inflation and unstable economic development, customers must be able to achieve low-risk financing that enable investments in new equipment or even in complete plants to grow their business," explains Thomas Mohr, Sales Director, Cimbria.

One of the projects benefitting from Cimbria Financing includes UMEX, a leading port operator and logistics expert in the Romanian Port of Constanta, which is one of the most important and traffic-heavy transhipment hubs for the Greater Black Sea region. The project consists of two grain and fertiliser terminals. The grain terminal has 100,000 tons of storage capacity across eight separate silos and the fertiliser terminal is a multifunctional warehouse capable of handling and storing up to 66,000 tons of bulk fertilisers.

"We identified three main benefits in choosing financing from an ECA via Cimbria compared to other financing solutions. First, we were offered a longer availability and repayment period. Second, we were offered coverage from any commercial and political risks up to 95 percent of the loan. And third, the financing solution had reasonable premium costs," explains Cristian Taranu, General Manager at UMEX.

Currently, Cimbria has approximately 20 ongoing projects within financial support.

"Understanding how and when to contribute with relevant solutions to a customer's business challenge is crucial to Cimbria, and in some cases the combination of technical expertise and financial support is key," says Thomas Mohr.

For more information visit the Cimbria website, HERE. 

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Bactocell authorised in EU as a technological additive for all animal species

Lallemand Animal Nutrition announces its unique lactic acid bacteria strain Pediococcus acidilactici CNCM I-4622 (BACTOCELL) has been authorised in the European Union as a technological feed additive in the functional group of acidity regulators and of hygiene condition enhancers. The authorisation is for use in all animal species (REGULATION (EU) 2023/53).

BACTOCELL was already recognised by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for its safety and potential to reduce pH and limit growth of coliform bacteria in liquid feeds.

Authorisation covers the application of the lactic bacteria in mash compound feeds and/or solid feed materials used for the preparation of liquid feeds at a minimum inclusion level of 1x109 (colony-forming units) CFU/kg feed. This is the first lactic acid bacteria to receive such an authorisation related to the hygiene of liquid feed.

In Europe, liquid feed is particularly popular for swine in countries including Denmark and Sweden, where more than 60 percent of finishers — as well as the majority of sows — are fed liquid feed. Ensuring the sanitary quality of liquid feed and the feeding system itself is a key priority for producers.

David Saornil, Product Manager for Swine Application at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, comments, 'We are very pleased with this new authorisation that validates the benefits of BACTOCELL as a solution to improve liquid feed quality in sows, fattening pigs and piglets. BACTOCELL was already recognised for its probiotic benefits on gut health. We continue to document our benefits to producers and the industry as a whole.'

For more information about Lallemand visit the website, HERE. 

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This blog is maintained by The Global Miller staff and is supported by the magazine Milling and Grain
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New research from the SPRG demonstrates that Orego-Stim and pHorce are effective in the prevention and control of Necrotic Enteritis

Earlier this month Professor Charles Hofacre, President of the Southern Poultry Research Group (SPRG) presented results of a trial at the 2023 International Poultry Scientific Forum in Georgia, USA. The work, titled 'Prevention and control of necrotic enteritis with an essential oil (Orego-Stim) and an organic acid (pHorce)', reported that Orego-Stim and pHorce supplementation was effective in managing broilers and supporting performance through a necrotic enteritis challenge window.

'Necrotic enteritis is commonly seen in broilers from 14-28 days and is caused by over-population of Clostridium perfringens, with coccidia infection acting as a predisposing factor,' explains Professor Hofacre. 'The most common form of necrotic enteritis is subclinical, which can lead to negative effects on growth rate and feed efficiency due to intestinal damage and impairment of nutrient absorption'.

In the trial, 1800 Ross x Ross chicks were randomly assigned to 1 of 4 groups (Challenge control, Orego-Stim: 1000 g/t, Orego-Stim: 500 g/t and Orego-Stim + pHorce: 300 g/t + 500 g/t). On day 0, all groups received a live coccidia vaccine, and on day 14 were challenged with Clostridium perfringens via the drinking water. Mortality, feed intake and FCR were recorded until 42 days of age.

Broilers fed diets supplemented with Orego-Stim and pHorce had a significantly lower mortality as a result of necrotic enteritis infection, lower overall mortality and improved feed intakes. Orego-Stim supplementation resulted in a numerically improved FCR compared to the group of NE challenged broilers in the control group.

'Feeding Orego-Stim in the diet of broilers also reduced necrotic enteritis lesion scores compared to the challenge control group,' says Professor Hofacre. 'Overall, the trial results demonstrated that Orego-Stim had a significant impact on preventing clinical necrotic enteritis and helped to minimise the negative effects of Clostridium perfringens on broiler body weight and FCR'.

Professor Hofacre, who has a BS in Agriculture, an MS in Poultry Science and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, as well as a Master of Avian Medicine and a PhD in Veterinary Medical Microbiology, presented the impressive results of the trial work at the IPSF poster session of IPPE.

Natural oregano oil sources have many well-documented properties, including antimicrobial, antioxidant and immunomodulatory functions. Orego-Stim, developed and manufactured by independent feed additive manufacturer Anpario, is a phytogenic feed additive formulated from a unique source of 100 percent natural oregano essential oil. It has been extensively researched and trialled in controlled challenge models and has been shown to successfully support broiler performance during coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis challenges. It is available as both a liquid and powder, enabling flexibility in application for producers.

For more information visit the Anpario website, HERE. 

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This blog is maintained by The Global Miller staff and is supported by the magazine Milling and Grain
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January 27, 2023

2023 IPPE has successful show

The 2023 IPPE has been a successful trade show with strong crowds, busy exhibitors and great energy evident throughout the trade show floor. This year, IPPE has approximately 28,000 attendees, 533,000 square feet of exhibit space and 1,180-plus exhibitors. Attendee numbers will be released after the registration database has been audited for duplications. Sponsored by the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, American Feed Industry Association and the North American Meat Institute, IPPE is the world's largest annual poultry and egg, meat and animal food industry event of its kind.

'We are really pleased with the enthusiasm displayed by this year's attendees and exhibitors and their excitement in connecting with their colleagues from around the world. The attendee and exhibitor numbers and trade show floor continue to complement IPPE's unparalleled education sessions, invaluable networking opportunities and extensive exhibits highlighting the latest innovative technology, equipment and services for our industries,' remarked the three organisations.

The large trade show floor remains the central attraction. Numerous companies are showcasing their new products at IPPE, with all phases of the animal food, meat, and poultry and egg industries represented, from live production and processing to further processing and packaging.

The comprehensive education program schedule complements the exhibits by informing industry management about the newest issues affecting the industries. The 2023 line-up includes more than 80 hours of education sessions, ranging from animal agriculture sustainability to biosecurity as it pertains to foreign animal disease, to facility inspection package training.

Other featured events include the International Poultry Scientific Forum, the Latin American Poultry Summit, Pet Food Conference, Foreign Material Prevention & Control Workshop, TECHTalks program, New Product Showcase and publisher-sponsored programs, all of which have been great contributions to the 2023 IPPE.

For more information visit the IPPE website, HERE. 

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This blog is maintained by The Global Miller staff and is supported by the magazine Milling and Grain
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Kent Nutrition Group Marshall plant wins 2022 Commercial Feed Facility of the Year

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) and Feedstuffs has named the Kent Nutrition Group's feed manufacturing facility of Marshall, Mo., as its 2022 Commercial Dry Feed Facility of the Year. Gary Huddleston, AFIA's director of feed manufacturing and regulatory affairs, presented plant manager Chris Igo with the award during the AFIA's Feed Education Program, happening in conjunction with the International Production & Processing Expo.

'Kent Nutrition's Marshall facility prides themselves on excellent customer service, high-quality feed and dedication, and those traits shine through,' says Mr Huddleston. 'We like to honour the facilities that do the right thing every day and that is surely Kent Nutrition.'

Kent Nutrition Group (KNG) is a division of Kent Corporation, a family-owned, American company that manufactures high-quality nutrition products for everything from livestock to small animals. The KNG's Marshall animal food manufacturing facility produces approximately 52,000 tons of multi-species animal food annually.  

Originally built in 1976, the Marshall team is comprised of 14 members. In their efforts toward continuous improvement, the facility recently installed a new Repete pellet mill automation system in 2020, which has allowed the plant to streamline its mixing process and put in place safeguards to reduce opportunities for human error, such as proceeding with a manufacturing run if the sequencing and flushing procedures are not properly followed. 

The AFIA has been recognising excellent feed manufacturing facilities through the Feed Mill of the Year program since 1985. Beginning in 2016, the program was expanded to the Feed Facility of the Year and began offering awards for an overall winner and four category winners. In 2021, the FFY program separated each category into its own individual program: liquid feed, commercial dry, premix and ingredient, and integrator, with each category having its own facility of the year award.

The semi-finalists for AFIA's 2022 Commercial Feed Facility of the Year award are Kent Nutrition Group of Mason, Mich., Belstra Milling of DeMotte, Ind., and Western Milling of Goshen, Calif.

For more information visit the website, HERE 

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Einar Einarsson appointed as President of Marlen

Marlen International, Inc. ['Marlen'], a member of the Duravant family of operating companies, announces the appointment of Einar Einarsson to President where he will be responsible for leading strategies that bring Marlen's high-performance food processing equipment and world class service to food processors around the world.

'Einar has an impressive track record driving strategy and operations, and we are excited that he will be leading Marlen through the company's next phase of growth,' says Mike Kachmer, President and CEO of Duravant.  'His depth of industry experience in the food processing sector will further strengthen the customer partnerships and strategic alliances the talented Marlen leadership team has built.'

Mr Einarsson brings over 20 years of leadership experience in the food processing industry including leading the North America division of a global provider of food processing solutions serving the Poultry, Meat, Fish and Prepared Foods industries and as a Managing Director for a manufacturer of high-quality cast aluminum cookware. 'We are thrilled to have Einar now leading Marlen. His technical and business acumen will serve our customers, employees, and stakeholders well,' says Bob Campbell, former Marlen President who will be transitioning into a corporate Duravant leadership role focused on operational initiatives across the business.

'Marlen is a well-established and trusted supplier in the industry and being part of the Duravant family on its impressive growth journey, I'm excited to bring my experience and to join the great talent we have in the company,' says Einar Einarsson, President of Marlen.  

Mr Einarsson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Iceland and a post-graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany.

For more information about Marlen visit the website, HERE. 

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Olmix joins UNIFA, the French union of fertilisation industries

Olmix has joined UNIFA, the French union of fertilisation industries, which represents the plant nutrition and soil health industries. The arrival of Olmix thus completes the Biostimulants section of the organisation.  

Image credit: Erik Fitzpatrick on flickr
(CC BY 2.0)
Pursuing its development in France and internationally, Olmix has made official its membership to UNIFA, the professional organisation for the promotion and value of the benefits of fertilisers, soil improvers and biostimulants, with respect to environment and health, and in support of the increased quality and competitiveness of French agriculture. 

Catherine Lamboley, Director of the Olmix Group's Plant Care Business Unit, underlines the importance of this membership, "The plant nutrition industry is undergoing major changes to face important issues at stake: climate, energy and food sovereignty. Olmix has been committed from the outset to supporting farmers and distributors with concrete, bio-based solutions, and our sector is fully mobilised to act and respond to these major challenges. We are convinced that solutions will come through cooperation and the strength of the collective. This is what motivated us to join UNIFA, which, with its members, is tackling the challenges of decarbonation, circularity and innovation head on."

UNIFA brings together 36 producers of mineral, organo-mineral, organic fertilisers and soil improvers who operate 77 production sites, employ over 4,000 people directly and generate 8,000 indirect jobs for a turnover of €2.2 billion in France in 2021. 

Florence Nys, General Delegate of UNIFA, also sees the value of this new collaboration, "We are delighted to welcome such a dynamic company into our federation. It is important to show the diversity of the fertilisation world, and to underline the importance of biostimulation in our sector. I think that Olmix has a lot to offer us in this respect." Olmix has joined the UNIFA Biostimulants section and will contribute to promote the relevance of these solutions, finally recognised at European level, in a combined approach with fertilisation and soil health management.

For more information about Olmix visit the website, HERE 

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This blog is maintained by The Global Miller staff and is supported by the magazine Milling and Grain
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