October 28, 2010

Nitrogen crisis future problems

Experts are worried that there could be a new Nitrogen crisis looming in the near future. A century ago European farming faced such a crisis, but this was averted by two German scientists, Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch who found a way to fix Nitrogen from the air. Now this new potential crisis could be even more complicated than the previous one. Read more...
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Tobacco as good as pesticide

Tobacco, as a potential green pesticide is getting new attention from the scientific community. Since the concern of health risks from tobacco has reduced demand and hurt the tobacco farmers, new uses are being investigated. One potential use is as a pesticide, it was used on a small scale as a pesticide for hundreds of years. Read more...
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October 27, 2010

UK farmers advised of future water issues

Farmers in the UK are being advised that the effects of climate change in the future will cause water shortages, which will have a large impact on farming. Dryer weather in the summer months and low rainfall will cause droughts and is likely to cause lower river flows so reducing the water available for agriculture. Read more...
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WHO Pesticide regulations based on toxicity in rats

The current World Health Organisation (WHO) pesticide classifications are based on toxicity in rats and not humans. Basing the toxicity on humans would be more sensible as it will make pesticide poisoning less hazardous and prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths globally without compromising agricultural needs. Read more...
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World Trade Organisation rules against U.S

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has ruled against the U.S in the case of not ending its ban on Chinese poultry imports after the H1N1 bird flu alert was cancelled. China had lifted its ban on US poultry imports when the bird flu alert ended. The WTO ruling against the US restrictions on Chinese poultry imports are inconsistent with WTO regulations. Read more...
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October 26, 2010

Kuala Lumpur to provide 74,600 jobs by 2020

Kuala Lumpurs agriculture sector is expecting to create 74,600 jobs by 2020 and also to increase the farmers income by four times according to the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). The report by Pemandu also says that the (GNI) gross national income is targeted to double as well. Read more...

Mother nature knows best

Kevin Willibey returns to the way Mother Nature does things. Along with engineers and nature conservancy they have tested a design for ditches with more gradual sloping sides that copy slopes in nature. Using this type of slope, the change in the floodplain makes for a better environment for microorganism that carries out denitrification. Read more...
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Advertiser Feature


Chemoforma was founded in 1961, using 'natural' substances for innovative and practical applications in agriculture and aquaculture livestock. ASCOGEN was their major product breakthrough. A yeast based feed additive rich in PSB-Complexes with strong performance enhancing activity in animals.

Then in 1988 Chemoforma was acquired by BMA, Biomedicals Ltd founded by a group of immunologists, biochemists and biologists. ASCOGEN was extensively tested and found to have highly beneficial effects due to the natural compounds it contained. This unique and proprietary formula has been steadily improved, and its efficacy and benefits for the livestock industry was and continues to be confirmed by scientific trials.

ASCOGEN Primarily was for breeding livestock, sows, hens and cows. But in more recent years additional and substantial research and development has been aimed at shrimp, fish, horses and pets. Chemoforma now have several products on the market as well as ASCOGEN, they have Vannagen, Bioracing and Ascosan. They export ninety percent of their total additive production Worldwide.

Chemoforma products are of natural origin with no toxic effects, they leave no residue in meat, milk or eggs. They have no immunological resistance and remain stable during storage, pelleting and extrusion, with prolonged shelf life.

Chemoforma recently achieved re-certification to ISO 9001 standards under the cGMP conditions; their customer's focus is on quality, service and results. The company strive to improve their products and are involved in constant research with international universities and institutes and commercial operations in order to test their products for efficacy under diverse conditions and for new applications.

Palm View Trade

Palm View trade was established in 2005 in the Philippines, where it has gone on to be a top producer and supplier. They supply and deliver top quality oils, grains, livestock and fresh Cavendish bananas for export, as well as banana by-products (banana meal, banana flour and banana powder).

Their success is in part due to their commitment in quality and service to their customers, feed millers from the Philippines and around the world appreciate the quality and innovative cutting edge products, which are based on continuous research and development. Feed cost accounts for 60 to 80 percent of livestock production cost, and using banana by products does reduce the costs overall.

Banana by-products (page 10) used in animal feed as a low cost alternative to cereals and they are not that different in the energy values gained from them, also there is the importation costs on cereals which is expensive, thus they are a good substitute for cereals.
Palm View Trade is not only a local producer and suppliers but they are also leading international suppliers in some product lines and can be found on The Market Place.
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The USDA to open new NASS Operational center near St Louis

The USDA are planning to open a new NASS operational center near St Louis to centralise and streamline operations and better serve the staistical needs of agriculture and rural America. The new center will open in late 2011 and will be located in the Charles F. Prevedel fedral building. The Administration plans to invest US$35 million into improvements over the next five years. Read more...

Sharefair in Africa on rural development and agriculture knowledge

There is an enormous amount of innovation and experimentation across the continent of Africa. This event will showcase the ways that agricultural and rural knowledge in and of Africa is created, shared, communicated, and put to use. At present this information is only known to the small communities involved. Read more...

The Compassion in world farming is due to launch bus campaign

The CIWF is launching a bus campaign to protest against the new super dairy in Lincolnshire. The message will read: "Mega-dairies have no place in the UK, and cows belong in fields". Already well known TV stars have back the campaign against the 8100 unit dairy farm, and it is expected that hundreds of local residence will object to the initial plans for the mega dairy farm. Read more...

Vietnam uses GM corn to help towards self-sufficiency

Vietnam is growing maize from genetically modified seeds to help it become more self sufficient, in the production of animal feed. The country relies on foreign sources to produce supplies, 1.6 million tonnes of maize will be imported this year an increase of 350,000 tonnes on last year. Read more...

Victam Largest feed show in the World

At the prestigious Koelnmesse Exhibition Centre in Cologne Germany from the 3-5 May 2011 three shows will run together creating the largest feed show in the World. FIAAP, a new trade show
with a series of conferences dedicated to ingredients, formulation and additive for feed. Victam International will host a conference and technology show on feed processing technology and a large number of exhibitors displaying biomass pelleting technology. GRAPAS a new show with its own conference for grain and milling. Read more...

Obama promotes fuel from renewable sources

The Obama Administration is promoting the production of fuel from renewable sources, by look at biofuels as one source. Secretary Tom Vilsack says  "Domestic production of renewable energy, including biofuels, is a national imperative and that's why USDA is working to assist in developing a biofuels industry in every corner of the nation," . Read more...

Weed control a problem for organic agriculture

The most critical problem facing organic growers today is weed management, the USDA identified that weeds rob the crops of nutrients and the fieds of moisture, reducing yields and driving up costs. The USDA are looking at innovative ways to deal with this issue. One particularly innovative project underway in California involves a prototype cultivation device that uses 'machine vision' to attack weeds growing in the crop row. Read more... 

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World Agricultural supply and demand (WASDE) estimates released by USDA

In 2008, the United States produced 12.1 billion bushels with an average yield of 153.9 bushels per acre. Today, WASDE forecasts 12.7 billion bushels with an average yield of 155.8 bushels per acre. The US Grain Council does not expect the production levels to alter the US position in the Global marketplace in the longterm. Read more...

New Zealands Agriculture Minister to Visit Japan, UK and Europe

David Carter New Zealands Agricultural Minister will lead a delegation to Japan for the first APEC ministerial meeting on food security. He will also visit Europe and the UK to hold bilateral talks. He will also Visit the Balmoral Estate in Scotland and meet HRH the Prince of Wales to discuss the 'campaign for wool' of which the Prince is patron. Read more...

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'Miracle Rice' yields decreasing due to environmental changes.

The rice variety known as Miracle rice or IR8 has seen a 15 percent drop in yield since the 1960's. Tests have indicated that its is changes in the environment that have caused this significant decrease, and not the genetic composition. Dr Shaobing Pang carried out the tests on IR8 and stated that the findings demonstrate the need for on going “maintenance” in an ever-changing environment. Read more...

Good Irrigation a way to save water and fertilizer without affecting yield or quality

A project using sensors and decision-supported software, can help to reduce water consumption and fertilizer use without affecting yield and quality. The project known as European FLOW-AID co-ordinated by Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture has shown some interesting results. Read more...
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Satellite technology to help local farmers

In Manila the Congressional Commission on Science Technology and Engineering (COMSTE) are developing an ICT system that uses satellite imagery to help local farmers and fishermen. This project will give real time scientific and numerical data, that will allow better delivered basic services and better support systems to be in place for the poor and far flung areas. The main challenge of the project would be translating the scientific and the numerical data into understandable information that the farmers and fishermen can understand and use. Read more...

USDA study of land degradation and recovery of the Western Rangelands.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), released the results of a study carried out on  non federal Rangelands in the Western states, showing that they are productive, but are threatened by non native grasses and shrubs, the USDA States that the productivity could be impacted upon. The study looked at 10,000 plots, looking at the species of plants and the amount of bare ground there was, the study showed that 25 percent of non-federal Rangeland has significant land degradation. Read more...

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Grain technology on display at VIV Asia 2011

Exhibitors will be gathering at VIV Asia in Bangkok next March for what has become one of the world's largest showcases of all things agricultural.

Ecoflour new idea's for sustainability 

Horizon Milling launched Eco-flour, sustainable solutions that use precision agriculture, to reduce energy inputs, improve yield and to use fertilizer more efficiently. The program for growing consumers demands for eco-friendly products from bakery customers.


is driving many of today's buying decisions. Using satellite imagery and soil samples to help better use fertilizer on the farmer's fields. The program uses the supply chain expertise of Horizon milling and can be tailored to any customer goals and objective. Read more...
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India's record wheat surplus

India prepares for record wheat output of 82 million tonnes, 2009-10 saw wheat production of 80.71 million tonnes. Storage issues of wheat prompted the Supreme Court to order that excess grain be distributed to the poor. Saying that it's “a crime to waste even a grain of food”. Read more…

Russia aims to reduce subsidies in agriculture

Russia is planning to reduce government subsidies, and export subsidies by half in agriculture as the Russian agricultural minister tells the WTO. Talking to officials from the Cairns group Skrynnik outlined a plan, which will resolve the agricultural issues in Russia. Read more…

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