October 19, 2017

20/10/2017: VIV Turkey: Showcasing both Turkish and global feed and milling technologies in the heart of the region

by Darren Parris, Group President, Milling and Grain

VIV Turkey 2017 was yet another fantastic successful exhibition to take place in Turkey

The event this year was held at the CNR exhibition centre and was organised by HKF Trade Fairs, who are a member of the VIV World Wide Exhibitions, owned by VNU Exhibitions Europe in the Netherlands, and were honoured in June 2004 - as the 22nd WPCA World Congress Exhibition and in August 2005 as the 14th World’s Veterinary Poultry Congress Exhibition.

The meeting of the poultry industry in Turkey, ‘VIV Turkey 2017’ opened its doors to the trade visitors for the eighth time in multiple halls (9, 10 and 11) of Istanbul Expo Centre with an additional area for equipment outside the fairground.

This year’s fair attracted more than 550 exhibitors, with around 160 from Turkey and over 390 from outside of Turkey, as they presented their newest products and services for three days. Growing every year, VIV Turkey is now the leading international trade fair of its kind in the region, the event is an UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) approved event and is recognised throughout the sector as the sole International Poultry Trade Fair of Turkey.

The show is a comprehensive feed show covering everything from feed nutrition, through to feed milling and feed delivery as well as all other aspects that cover the ‘Poultry Meat & Egg Safety Products’.

VIV’s ‘Feed to Meat’ concept covers the entire animal protein chain, from primary production to finished products. The exhibition represents all parts of the meat production process. The conference aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology between Turkish poultry sector professionals by creating an international network platform that will foster development for all parties.

This year VIV Turkey was officially opened following the speeches of Deputy Secretary of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Mehmet Hadi Tunç, Professor Dr Rüveyde Akbay, President of World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA) Turkish branch and Bekir Çakıcı, General Manager of HKF Trade Fairs.

Additionally Deputy General Director of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Burhan Demirok and Istanbul Provincial Director Hamit Aygül and other related association presidents were also present at the opening ceremony.

Read the full article, HERE.

Visit the VIV Turkey website, HERE.

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Altinbilek company profile

Altinbilek is one of the leading companies in Turkey for the manufacture of high-capacity chain conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors and a whole range of steel silo components and accessories.

Ever expanding, Altinbilek now have a plant with an outdoor area of 22,000m2 and an indoor area of 12,000m2 in the Eskisehir Organised Industrial Zone.

Visit the website HERE.

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October 18, 2017

19/10/2017: Garner Industries named Nebraska Manufacturer of 2017

BinMaster parent is top mid-sized NE company Garner Industries of Lincoln has been named Nebraska’s mid-sized manufacturer of the year by the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The company was honoured Thursday, October 12th, at the State Chamber’s Manufacturing and Distribution Executive Summit held at the CenturyLink Centre in Omaha.

The Nebraska Manufacturer of the Year award has been presented annually since 2008 to Nebraska manufacturers that successfully implement innovative ways of conducting business using new products, processes, technologies and strategies.

Image credit: Binmaster

Garner Industries is a diverse manufacturing company with a 64-year history. The company was established in 1953 as a small tool and die company in the Havelock area.

In the mid-1960s, the company embarked on development of an automated grain bin level monitoring system, which gave birth to the BinMaster line of level control technologies.

The company employs more than 130 individuals in its plastic injection molding, mold manufacturing, CNC machining and BinMaster level sensor manufacturing operations.

Its products are sold in diverse industries, including agriculture, construction, cement, mining, biofuels and food processing. In September of 2017, Garner Industries completed the expansion of its campus at 98th street and Cornhusker Highway.

It now occupies a 115,000-square foot facility located on 32 acres.

About BinMaster
BinMaster is an ISO 9001:2015 certified US manufacturer of point and continuous level indicators and inventory management systems used for monitoring the level of bulk solids or liquids in bins, tanks, silos and hoppers. Material management solutions include all-digital grain monitoring systems, flow detection sensors, and complete solutions using wireless devices & web applications to send data to a control room, console, smartphone, tablet, or PC. Robust, custom systems can be developed for a single site or networked for every bin, tank, and silo across a multi-national operation.

For more information about BinMaster, visit their website, HERE.

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19/10/2017: ILDEX Indonesia 2017 underway

ILDEX Indonesia 2017 stimulates the Indonesian livestock market’s growing demand and more investment through an International Exhibition – Tremendous growth has been achieved over 3 successful editions

ILDEX Indonesia 2017, the third edition of the International Livestock and Dairy Meat Processing, and Aquaculture Exposition, starts with strong attendance and plentiful business opportunities.

Livestock experts and exhibitors have confirmed that this is the best marketplace and international business platform for Indonesian markets.

The exhibition starts today and runs through 20 October 2017 at JI Expo, Jakarta, Indonesia, delivering the highest quality and variety of new technology, business opportunities and both quality and quantity of local and overseas trade buyers.


This year’s edition of ILDEX Indonesia is larger than last year. The exhibition space grows by up to 60 percent. It occupies over 9,360 sq.m., or 2 halls of JI Expo, and is showcasing 230 exhibitors from 34 countries, 2 international pavilions from China (24 companies) and South Korea (6 companies and a new special Pavilion from the Korea Agency of Education, Promotion and Information Service in Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (KPIS).

The exhibition expects 8,000 trade participants from 30 countries and it has received tremendous feedback from exhibitors about the quality and quantity of both the local and overseas trade buyers.

Visitors have also expressed their pleasure about the huge increase, variety and quality of technology and solutions available at the show. The number of overseas buyers has also increased significantly, more than 200 potential buyers from 13 countries including Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Bangladesh, The Philippines, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Turkey and more, are invited to attend the exhibition.

The special highlight for this edition is the honourable awards “Indonesia Poultry Veterinary Award (INPOVA),” in a series of ILDEX 2017 will present awards in three categories.

The first awards is the “Veterinary Business Management Award”, an award for a veterinarian who serves as a CEO, COO, of a top management company engaged in the livestock, animal health, and related enterprises. The winner is Dr. Irawati Fari, President Director of PT Novindo.

The second award is the “Veterinary Poultry Health Scientist Award,” an award given to a veterinary researcher and academic who devotes themselves to the development of poultry health science.

The second winner is Prof. Dr. Drh. Wayan Teguh Wibawan, MS. from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bogor Agricultural University. The third award is the “Veterinary Poultry Technical & Consultancy Award”, an award given to a veterinarian who serves in Poultry Health Services, Poultry Health System Consultancy, and who assists in developing poultry farms.

The last winner is Drh. Eko Prasetyo from Tri Group Bogor. ILDEX Indonesia and Federasi Masyarakat Perunggasan Indonesia (FMPI) are very pleased for all of these winners who received three remarkable Veterinary Poultry Health Scientist Awards this year. Mr. Nino Gruettke, Managing Director, VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. said that, “ILDEX Indoensia has seen tremendous growth this year, both in terms of size and visitors. The exhibitors have increased by 48 percent from the previous edition and now 100 percent of the exhibition space is sold out with several companies increasing their exhibition area by 50 percent, as well as many new companies. There will be 230 top companies to interact with 200 potential buyers that we hosted from many focus countries. We are targeting 8,000 visitors who will be present at this exhibition. We are also introducing our the first edition of ABC Challenge Asia 2017 which is a conference highlight for anyone involved in ensuring that the Asian consumer is receiving the safest poultry meat and of the highest quality that complies with the latest rules and regulations. It began yesterday with full seats. We also have more than 40 technical seminar topics and 30 international speakers in the conference session.”

ILDEX Indonesia 2017 is showcasing three industry zones which include: Feed and Animal Health; Feed Milling and Farm Equipment; and Genetic, Breeding and Processing.

It’s driving innovation and enabling buyers and sellers to meet easily and develop great business together. Many different industry events are taking place at the exhibition and it’s also providing successful meetings, business matching, knowledge exchange, networking and business opportunities for participants from the poultry, cattle, all livestock and aquaculture industries.

H. Don P. Utojo, President of FMPI said that, “ILDEX Indonesia 2017 will be the third ‘Unique-comprehensive Expo’ ever held in the country focusing on livestock and fishery, including the genetic, feeds additive and premixes, animal drugs and medicines, on-farms, processing and many more. The exhibition, seminars and meetings are participated by hundreds of international and national country’s pavilions, companies, associations, organisations, and other. FMPI (Federasi Masyarakat Perunggasan Indonesia / the Federation of Indonesia Poultry Society) supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of trade and DKI Jakarta Government, and hand in hand with VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific – an International Exhibition Organiser – proudly took an initiative to hold ILDEX Indonesia 2017 on 18th-20th of October 2017. We hope this exhibition will be a place for new information, technology and knowledge to improve the efficiency and productivity of Indonesia livestock so as to strengthen the competitiveness of Indonesian livestock products in Asia and other region.”

In two years, ILDEX Indonesia 2019 will continue to expand and return on October 2019 at Jakarta, Indonesia. Demand for space is increasing and stronger-than-ever from returning and new exhibitor’s wanting to expand their businesses in Asia.

Please do not miss your chance to join ILDEX Indonesia 2019, the fourth edition of the International Livestock and Dairy Meat Processing, and Aquaculture Exposition. The exhibition continues to move forward and keeps promoting the event with the objective of "Livestock Industry Growth, Customised Service."

ILDEX Indonesia 2017 opens today and runs through 20 October 2017 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information contact 
Mrs Saengtip Techapatiphandee at saengtip.won@vnuexhibitionsap.com or visit the event website, HERE.

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19/10/2017: European quality standards in the heart of Africa

by Mark Wild, Sales Manager, Fawema

Picture this: Night has fallen in the port city of Mombasa, Kenya

The crickets are chirping in the acacia trees, the heady perfume of exotic foods being cooked over open fires fills the hot, humid, East African air, the chaotic daytime traffic has finally subsided and peace gradually descends on the dusty city.

Suddenly the silence is broken by the shrill sound of a car horn. A taxi has pulled up at an anonymous gate on an equally nondescript plot of land close to the harbour, and a suspicious night watchman tentatively opens the gate to enquire who on earth is asking permission to enter at this late hour.

Access is granted and the taxi slowly drives in. The plot is shrouded in almost total darkness, the long grass wildly overgrown and the sounds of nocturnal animals and grass snakes scattering in panic to avoid the approaching vehicle can be heard all around.

A dim light powered by a small, spluttering generator shines out from a portacabin office which is nestled in the furthest corner of the overgrown field and inside, busily working at a laptop computer, sits a man who is about to enlighten me with a truly fantastic vision.

The person in question is Munir Thabit, 54 years of age and a native son of Mombasa. As I take my seat at the desk, Munir looks me straight in the eye and confidently announces that what is about to commence the very next day on that desolate and weed-ridden parcel of land, would eventually result in a flour mill, here in the heart of Africa, that would have exactly the same high standards of efficiency, safety, hygiene, food-quality and equipment automation, as any mill in Europe or beyond.

I let Munir´s words sink in for a few moments while I gaze out from the office window into the darkness of the Mombasa night. Something suddenly clicks in my head: the sheer determination and conviction in Munir´s voice tells me that he´s the real deal.

I turn towards him and say, …… “tell me more”.

That first memorable, and almost surreal meeting, provided the foundation for what has developed into a solid and successful working relationship and today, in August 2017, Grain Industries Limited is up and running and producing top quality wheat flour, much of which is then packed into retail paper bag sizes of 500 grammes, one kilogramme and two kilogrammes, on state-of-the-art Fawema servo-drive packing machines.

The new mill dominates the skyline and is both imposing and majestic. Munir´s vision has come to life.

Read the full article, HERE.

Visit the Fawema website, HERE.

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Omas Industries company profile

Milling and plant design
Omas milling and plant design is "turnkey". Each customer is followed from A to Z, from design to final implementation. Because they like to provide a complete service, tailored to each specific need. From the supply of the single machine to the realisation of turn-key systems in every part of the world.

Omas invests in the future
Their every thought, every action is targeted to grow, develop, evolve.

Belief in the value of people

Omas is a company made up of people who apply themselves. Their engineers, technicians, and highly skilled staff are a close-knit team that express the soul of the company, its life force.

Value in Italian excellence
The "Made in Italy" is their strength and pride. All of their realisations are the result of know-how, technologies and exclusively Italian materials. Because they have always believed in the long tradition of excellence, recognised throughout the world, that characterises Italy.

Excellence made of craft and technological intelligence, attention to quality, passion for work superior detail.

Visit the website HERE.

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18/10/2017: Registration open for GLOBALG.A.P. webinar on the responsible use of antibiotics on livestock and aquaculture

Responsible use of antibiotics in livestock and aquaculture production – GLOBALG.A.P. webinar on the reduction of antibiotic use via the implementation of the criteria of the GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance standard (IFA)


The growing demand by processors, retailers and consumers to control and reduce the use of antibiotics in their production systems is a cause of concern to livestock and aquaculture producers.

Members of the supply chain are beginning to require antibiotic-free production systems and have started to sell meat and aquaculture products for consumption with the claim “Raised without Antibiotics”.

Public regulators such as the WHO are advocating global action to mitigate antibiotic resistances.

This is due to the growing prevalence of bacteria with antibiotic resistances, such as MRSA and ESBL, and their impact on human health.

This ongoing discussion has triggered multiple activities to lower antibiotic use and the resistances as caused by applications in human and in veterinary medicine.

The GLOBALG.A.P. IFA Standards for livestock and aquaculture require multiple actions and approaches by producers to comply with the control points regarding the responsible use of antibiotics.

GLOBALG.A.P. invites you to attend a free one-hour webinar.

The focus will be on the responsible use of antibiotics and the antibiotic reduction policies as implemented on GLOBALG.A.P. IFA farms certified for livestock and aquaculture.

Customised solutions as provided by GLOBALG.A.P., such as the “Sustainable Meat Initiative” by Dutch retailers, will also be discussed.

The webinar includes a Q&A session with the participants.

The focus group for the first webinar on this topic is:
• Producers
• Auditors and inspectors of certification bodies
• Farm Assurers

 The speakers:
• For livestock: Dr. Roland Aumüller, Standards Manager Livestock
• For aquaculture: Mrs. Valeska Weymann, Aquaculture Expert

The key learning objectives:
Participants will gain insights into:
• The criteria for producers of livestock and aquaculture regarding the responsible use of antibiotics with specific focus on training of staff and record-keeping.
• The role of the contracted veterinary surgeon when initiating an antibiotic treatment.
• The veterinary health plan and its integrated reduction policy for antibiotics.
• Preventative measures to lower the use of antibiotics to achieve a more sustainable production.
• The approach by Dutch retailers with a GLOBALG.A.P. add-on module for additional criteria on responsible use of antibiotics and their reduction.

Date and time:
The first webinars will be on Wednesday, 25 October 2017

a) 10:00 to 11:00 am CET
b) 5:00 to 6:00 pm CET
Language: English

To register click, HERE.

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