October 26, 2012

26/10/12: Nigeria agriculture; Russian weather; feed additives for ruminants

  • The Netherlands is investing over €26 million in Nigeria’s agriculture, the Dutch ambassador to Nigeria, Bert Ronhaar has announced.  The money will be put towards supporting small holder cassava growers, cocoa growers in this country, the cocoa processing industry and the value-added chain in the cocoa industry. Read more...
  • Dry weather is causing concern for the state of winter grain crops in some parts of Russia's south, the country's main exporting region.  But hope is on the horizon: rains forecast for next week may improve the situation. Read more...
  • A technical article for you: Umesh Sontakke explains the benefits of Saccaromyces cerevisiae as a feed additive in ruminants. The use of feed additives containing live microorganisms and (or) their metabolites to alter rumen fermentation and improve animal performance has increased in response to demands for using more “natural” growth-promoting substances. Microbial products used in this manner were originally called "probiotics", or products “for life”. Read more...

Cocoa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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  1. Congress defines safe as "reasonable certainty that no harm will result from use" of an additive. Examples of items on this list are: guar gum, sugar, salt, and vinegar. The list is re-checked regularly. there are some cool paints here


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