August 06, 2018

07/08/2018: AgriSphere, where service and software meet

Helping agricultural customers update their management programmes and software tools

by F. Byers, President & CEO, AgriSphere, LLC, Illinois, USA

In 2014, a group of independent professionals working together as a project-based consulting team noticed a trend with the agricultural companies with whom they worked. Many of these companies were distinctly lacking comprehensive management programmes and the right software/technology tools to effectively manage them.

Occupational health and safety, preventative maintenance, and food safety and compliance programs were of key interest and concern to the AgriSphere, LLC team. Documentation, training methods, and administration for these programs were often out-dated, not standardised, and, in many cases, not uniformly enforced.

Further, available software systems and technical solutions designed to manage these programnes, which were more common in other industries and becoming increasingly cost effective, were distinctly lacking from companies within the industry.

Enter AgriSphere, LLC – the company was formed at the end of 2014 with a clear mission to “combine world-class subject matter expertise and service with effective, customisable software to allow customers to get the most out of their programs.”

AgriSphere’s two key ingredients are service and software; it is the unique blend of these ingredients based on each client’s individual needs, which makes AgriSphere unique. The founders of AgriSphere knew that these two elements were necessary to ensure that the programs and consulting they provided had real, lasting value for their customers.

The services and software solutions AgriSphere provides to clients work together to help move customers forward. In simple terms, the service suite helps generate the content and planning which then drives the software, making it relevant and useful to client organisations.

The software similarly enhances the content by providing long-term management systems as opposed to a one-time report, deliverable, or series of recommendations that often result from consulting engagements. AgriSphere software helps facilitate organisational changes, advancements, and cultural progress, which the consulting services create, highlight, stage, or prepare.

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