February 01, 2012

APK-Inform announces about holding of the international conference "Ukrainian soybean market – 2012"

APK-Inform Agency announces about holding of the international conference "Ukrainian soybean market - 2012", which will focus on the market of soybean, and takes place in Yalta on May 16-18, 2012. It should be noted that for the first time in Ukraine there will be held the major event devoted to the most dynamically growing segment of the domestic oilseed market. Only during several years the Ukrainian market of soybean made rather powerful leap: during recent 4 seasons soybean sowing areas increased two times (from the level of 558.5 thousand ha in 2008/09 MY to 1.13 million ha in 2011/12 MY), and soybean production volumes increased in almost three times (in the current season the volumes exceeded the milestone of two million tons!). 

At the same time, processing capacities of the country are not keeping up with the boom of production to date production of soybean in Ukraine far exceeds the volume of the oilseed processing. According to estimations of APK-Inform Agency, in the current year the Ukrainian enterprises will process nearly 300,000 tons of soybean. What is the main reason for this situation? In order to answer this and other important questions it is required to estimate the current market situation, make an analysis of the prospects for development of the market of soybean and by-products, and identify new ways to develop the market of soybean industry.

The business climate of the event will allow discussing current trends on the markets of soybean and by-products of Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries, and various medium-term forecasts for the market of soybeans. The main concept of the conference to provide the maximum volume of high-quality and unbiased information to market participants concerning the condition and development of the Ukrainian, Russian and world markets of soybeans and by-products in 2011/12 MY, and ways for further effective development of the industry.

The conference covers organisation of seminars on technological aspects of soybean processing, ways to improve the efficiency of soybean production in Ukraine taking into account all market requirements, and the issues of genetically modified soybean. Taking into account the high interest of market participants to these issues, the event will assist in promotion of fruitful and constructive dialogue between representatives of the fat-and-oil companies, trading companies, scientific-research institutions, producers of technical equipment for the fat-and-oil industry and government bodies.
Increase of the world soybean prices to boost Ukrainian areas under the oilseed. Read more ...

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