February 13, 2012

Mexican cattle deaths caused through Urea poisoning

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (SAGARPA) in Mexico has confirmed that the 600 head of cattle in Actopan was caused by Urea poisoning thought to be from poultry manure. Poultry manure contains large amounts of urea, which is transformed into ammonia inside the stomach of the animal and generates amino acids or proteins, substances that cause excessive intoxication.

The delegate of SAGARPA, José Vicente Ramirez Martinez, said“After conducting a study of dead animals, it was discovered that cause of death was the consumption in excessive quantities of a feed comprising a cheap and shoddy chicken litter which poisoned the animals that died". “The results showed traces of urea, which involves a pattern of intoxication, however, independently of this we are awaiting the outcome [of the investigation] of the manure," explained the federal official. Read more ...

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