December 01, 2015

01/12/2015: Feedmill of the future: 2/3: The feedmill
First published in Milling and Grain, August 2015

Kalmar Lantmän is a leading feed manufacturer in Sweden, and with years of operational experience it had very clear goals for what it wanted to achieve with its new feedmill.

Kalmar Lantmän owned the site in Kalmar and already operated two feedmills on it. As part of the wishlist for Kalmar Lantmän, the new feed mill should:

a) Replace the two existing feedmills
b) Create lower production costs per tonne of animal feed
c) Considerably reduce labour costs
d) Be the very best in energy efficiency
e) Offer the highest degree of flexibility and efficiency
f) Use the highest degree of automation
g) Highest degree of hygienic production
h) Offer the highest level of fire safety and health safety
i) Be environmentally friendly

Arriving in Sweden with my colleague Olivia Holden we met up with Maril van Kempen and Hans van der Weijden from Van Aarsen International, the turnkey supplier of the feedmill and Åke Karlsson from Kalmar Lantmän.

My first impressions - this is an impressive structure, at 60 meters tall.

It sits on a foundation of 3000sqm supported by 924 concrete and steel piles each driven into the ground to find solid rock to support it. Considering the 8400 tonne foundation slab of concrete and the further 23,200 tonnes of prefab concrete used in the building, it needs these piles.
Read the full article in Milling and Grain HERE.

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