January 07, 2018

Vibrafloor company profile

Vibrafloor is the world leader in providing modular vibrating bulk reclaim systems to reclaim cohesive and free flowing products, such as soya bean meal, potash, wood-pellets, sugar, biomass and grain.

Installations include steel and concrete silos, hoppers, warehouses, railcars and ships.

According to Vibrafloor, no other reclaim technology can provide the same balance of advantages which include:

• Total silo clearance
• No routine maintenance
• Modular redundancy
• Low energy consumption
• High reclaim rates
• No damaging vibration or stress transfer
• No product degradation

Vibrafloor are proud to include ISO 9001 in our long list of accreditations.

Vibrafloor services

A complete design of the Vibrafloor modular reclaim system, including advice on the necessary incline of the storage vessel floor. Vibrafloor are not involved with the design of the associated civil engineering, storage vessels, bulk handling and conveying systems etc.

The Vibrafloor modular reclaim system is assembled under the strictest quality control measures.

Supply to site
Delivery by either road vehicle or shipping container, either to site or local port as agreed. Complete responsibility for the consignment is then transferred to the client.

Our site engineers will train the clients selected installation team on site, to install the Vibrafloor, subject to agreement.

Vibrafloor site engineers will inspect the installation during the installation process, to ensure it complies with our quality control measures, subject to agreement.

Vibrafloor site engineers will commission the installation to ensure it operates as intended.

Visit the Vibrafloor website, HERE.

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