March 13, 2018

13/03/2018: Biomin announces 2018 World Nutrition Forum details

BIOMIN has just announced details regarding the 8th edition of the biennial World Nutrition Forum
 The theme of the 2018 premier animal nutrition event hosted by BIOMIN will be S.C.O.P.E. which signifies 'Scientific Challenges and Opportunities in the Protein Economy.'

The 2018 World Nutrition Forum will offer top industry professionals a spectrum of varying perspectives and viewpoints on factors that will influence tomorrow's protein economy. Species-specific breakout sessions will provide a platform for reflection on topics in the poultry, swine, ruminants, and aquaculture sectors.

An expert session on gut health and performance will zoom in on antibiotic resistance and the role of novel feed additives as alternatives to antibiotic usage in farm animals. In addition, a top-class mycotoxin expert session will address key research findings and leading-edge technologies in the fields of mycotoxin prediction and deactivation.

"Now is an exciting time in the field of animal nutrition. Our scientific understanding of living organisms is advancing in ways that were almost unimaginable a decade ago. At the same time, consumer requirements are having a greater influence on how we feed and care for farm animals," noted Dr Hannes Binder, Managing Director of BIOMIN.

"At BIOMIN, we have always been committed to putting the most advanced scientific knowledge to work for our clients in order to help them achieve successful outcomes," explained Dr Binder. "Bringing industry practitioners and leading experts from around the world together at the World Nutrition Forum exemplifies that commitment."

For more information on the 2018 World Nutrition Forum, visit the website, HERE.

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