March 26, 2018

27/03/2018: Nutriad presents at PP&DFA Asia

Belgium headquartered Nutriad, global leader in feed additive solutions for livestock and aquaculture participated with species and product application experts in the Pig, Poultry and Dairy Focus Asia 2018 (PP&DFA) in Bangkok

The PP&DFA, organised by VNU Exhibitions and Positive Action Publications is one of the leading technical conferences for the Asian pig, poultry and dairy sectors. The conference hosted more than 300 participants from across the region attended technical presentations that zoomed in on feed efficiency and food safety. 

Image credit: Nutriad
BK Chew, Regional Director Asia Pacific for Nutriad said, “We are excited about our robust growth in the Asian market in recent years. It confirms that we have managed to transform scientific research data into practical solutions that support producers across all species. At the PP&DFA we had the opportunity to share our latest scientific trials in the areas of mycotoxin management and gut health, with the aim to provide an alternative to AGP use, offering new insights to the ever-challenging pig, poultry and diary production.”

At the Poultry Focus, Dr Glenn Ferriol delivered the presentation “Effectively counteracting the effects of Fusarium Mycotoxins.” He stressed the importance of proper mycotoxin management tool as the raw materials in Asia are usually highly contaminated with multiple mycotoxins. Applying the right mycotoxin deactivator product at the right dose is crucial for any successful Mycotoxin Program. The study presented has shown the effectiveness of a multifunctional mycotoxin deactivator in the presence of a very high level of a combination of mycotoxins.

Dr Hassan Taweel’s, Business Development Manager Ruminants presented” Intake in dairy cows: the influence of palatability and fibre digestion.” Dr Taweel emphasised that high producing dairy cows in early lactation fail to consume enough feed to fulfil their energy requirements and consequently suffer from nutritional and metabolic disorders.

Combining palatability additives with rumen modifying additives could offer a great opportunity to modulate and improve DMI in dairy cows and other ruminants. Palatability additives would provide improvement in the sensory characteristics of the ration, while rumen modifiers would improve and optimise rumen function and fiber digestion, sending positive post-ingestive signals and re-enforcing the positive effect on DMI. Trial data on inclusion of Aroma Fruity or Gusti-Plus in the compound feed fed in the robot showed that the number of milking per cow increased from 2.4 to 2.8 times per day.

This 15 percent increase led to 0.9 kg increase in milk yield per cow per day and six percent improvement in feed efficiency. Another study on the effect of adding Nutri-Ferm Prime (Nutriad’s specialty DFM) to different rations based on alfalfa and grass hay or grass and maize silage led to a staggering seven to 10 percent improvement in NDF and OM digestibility and a six percent improvement in feed efficiency.

At the Pig Focus, Dr Wei Wang, Technical Manager Nutriad China, presented “Getting the most out of butyrate to reach AGP potential” centered on the possibility of using butyrate as a part of a strategy to reduce or eliminate the use of AGP-s. The data focused on comparing the mode of action of both and to maximise the effect of butyrate in the entire gastrointestinal tract. Using a unique coating technique, butyrate with precision delivery property (ADIMIX Precision) can improve the animal health and performance under different situations. Research has shown that ADIMIX Precision can improve animal performance, especially the growth of young animals, reduce the impact of epidemic diseases, like porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) and help avoid Salmonella contamination.

Visit the Nutriad website, HERE.

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