October 17, 2018

Dinnissen process technology – Value innovators by nature

On June 20 2018, Milling and Grain had the pleasure of meeting with Dinnissen Process Technology at VIV Europe 2018, stand 08, C010.

Speaking to Mr Perry Konings, Commercial Manager at Dinnissen Process Technology based in Sevenum, the Netherlands, a modest but intensely impressive redesign of the company’s brand was discussed.

“Finding solutions for every project is part of our DNA,” the company explains. “From tailor made components to machines and total concepts: our extensive experience over 70 years makes us a global player in process technology in the world of food, pet food, feed and chemicals.”

“We provide our customers with a variety of solutions. These range from stand-alone machines to turnkey systems. From pre-engineering to project management and from design through to assembly and start-up. Our extensive international network means that we can deliver our solutions all around the world.”

Dinnissen was founded in 1948 as a machine specialist for the compound feed industry in Svenum, the Netherlands. Rapid regional growth and developments in the milling sector have continuously challenged Dinnissen to innovate and evolve, resulting in Dinnissen becoming a specialist in handling bulk solids and powders. Today, with over 180 employees, they hold a leading position in the world of powders, particles and granules. They have said that they are proud to be known for their “expertise, quality products and tailor-made solutions.”


Pegasus® Mixer
The Pegasus® Mixer, supplied by Dinnissen Process Technology, is an accurate and highly efficient mixer developed to ensure that even the most challenging mixing process can be carried out quickly and effectively. To accomplish this, the Pegasus Mixers use a double-shaft mixing mechanism that rotates in opposite directions. This creates a unique fluidised zone which lies at the core of the entire mixing process.

Pegasus® Vacuum Coater A great investment for companies looking into producing pelleted and extruded products, the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater creates pellets suitable in accordance with the latest standards and criteria. The machine’s double-shaft paddle suspends ingredients in the air, while the unit simultaneously creates an ultra-vacuum environment with a down level of 50mbar. After spraying and injecting the liquid evenly over each particle, the Pegasus Vacuum Coater presses the particles down, taking only three to four minutes to complete the pelleting process.

When speaking again to Perry Konings, he said there are several new products also in the works; “we have several new innovations such as a complete new configurable hygienic Sample Carousel and a Dinnissen Productivity Platform, which is a fully safe and Integra table-service portal to connect the machines to the cloud for preventive maintenance, data logging and revolutionary webVNC and webHTTP(s) functionality. Furthermore, we have developed a complete new heat-treatment process for flour hygienisation.”

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Visit the Dinnissen website, HERE.

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