November 04, 2018

The innovative use of modern materials

Extending flute/corrugation life and enabling chills to be re¬furbished up to 15 times, modern metallurgical developments have widened the miller's range of options extensively.

Inevitably, they have also complicated the selection process, requiring large amounts of relevant technical and other data to be assembled and analysed. This can be a time-consuming task, without the benefit of long-term experience in process and equipment development, such as that which Satake Europe has built up over the past century.

Roll chill alternatives
As the largest roll manufacturer in the UK, Satake offers a portfolio of three different types featuring new materials available from sup¬pliers based around the world.

Satake Europe specialises in manufacture using one of three key materials for the roll body:
• Standard rolls - Chilled iron, centrifugally cast and dynamical¬ly balanced for greater precision, providing a consistent uni-form hardness,
• C12 rolls - High chrome alloy, giving an average life twice that of a standard cast iron roll, resulting in reduced mill downtime for roll changing
• 'Self matting' rolls - With a material composition formulated to maintain a heavier frosted finish for special reduction applications

Whatever the material - and chilled cast iron rolls remain the traditional choice for much break and reduction work - the outer surface of fluted/corrugated rolls must be resistant to abrasive wear in order to retain the required profile. The surface must be hard but not brittle, to avoid chipping, and it is important that the roll chill can be machined with conventional tools, avoiding unnecessary cost when end of life arrives and re-fluting. Smooth rolls require an outer surface that can be "frosted", creating a matt or non-glazed surface which will effectively grip the product and be resistant to abrasive wear.

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