January 24, 2019

Perry of Oakley’s automatic moisture sensor for grain drier control

Automating your moisture monitoring allows you to save time and money by reducing your labour costs and ensuring your grain is at its optimum moisture content. It will help you ensure you are not using any excess fuel by over-drying your crop.

The Perry Automatic Moisture Sensor is a compact unit that can be installed into a sloped duct run or taken from the bottom of a conveyor and fed back into a duct run, making it a flexible and uncomplicated installation option, suitable for any make of drier.

Automatic Moisture Sensor for Grain Drier Control
Image credit: Perry of Oakley

The ideal setup will allow for two moisture reading points, one for wet grain and one for dry, giving you optimum control over your crop, and the optimum price for it.

• Accurate to within 0.5% (MC 5% to 18%) & accurate to within 1% (MC 18% to 40%)
• Automated moisture monitoring means optimum drier operation with reduced labour costs
• Can be installed into any make of existing drier or as a standalone system
• Fully integrated into the PLC control software for the drier
• IP65 - suitable for outdoor applications
• Proven technology
• Increases revenue by not over-drying your crop

About Perry of Oakley Ltd.
At Perry of Oakley Ltd., they have been developing grain driers since the mid-'50s. With that amount of development and experience, they have a product that they are extremely proud of. The Savannah series grain driers are their most efficient, technologically advanced and economical driers to date.

They have a dedicated design team who use the latest in 2D & 3D CAD technology to individually design each drier. They also have a dedicated R&D drier based at Cannington Grain Ltd. which allows them to test and develop new innovations on their drier.

Their driers are some of the most user-friendly driers available on the market. As standard, their driers are supplied with a touch screen PLC panel with pictorial representations of your Perry Drier. If you do get a little stuck with something, they have a dedicated technical support line and their engineers can take control of your drier* or talk you through the process.

They manufacture a full range of continuous mixed flow driers that allow them to provide a drier to suit most people's requirements. Their smallest drier has a capacity of 8tph and is just 2m wide and their largest drier is capable of 150tph and is over 8m wide. Having such a wide range available as standard means that they are able to achieve the throughput capacity you require in the space you have available.

For more information on the Perry Savannah series visit the Perry of Oakley website, HERE.

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