July 16, 2012

16/07/12: Paraquat; Glencore and Viterra; AFIA


Here's the news from over the weekend:
  • Paraquat is safe insists company insists Australia's largest supplier. The herbicide is banned in 32 countries due to its supposed links to Parkinson's Disease.  Read more...
  • Glencore to take over agribusiness Viterra.  The global commodities giant has won approval from the Canadian Industry Minister for the $5.9 billion deal.  Viterra owns the largest share of Western Canada's grain storage and farm supply outlets, as well as nearly all grain storage capacity in South Australia.  Read more...
  • AFIA announces first pet food facility manufacturing certification program certificates.  Read more...
What do you think?

Viterra Grain Elevator
Viterra Grain Elevator (Photo credit: AaverageJoe)

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