March 19, 2014

19/03/14: Concerned Brazilian non-GM industry targets animal feed sector with 1 day forum

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Leading organisations involved in the supply of non-GM soy from Brazil are to host a one day industry event in Germany this April specifically for European animal feed producers and users at which they will present the facts about current supply and logistics of non-GM product from Brazil.

The event follows the recent announcement by the German Poultry Association (ZDG) and others including the German Egg Association (BDE) that they would no longer be using non-genetically modified soybean material due to alleged shrinking supply of GM-free material from Brazil.

The Forum will be held in M¸nster/W., Germany – the southern gateway to the highest feed and poultry industry concentration in Germany – on 8 April 2014. The event is being supported by three industry organisations involved in the supply chain of certified non-GM soy food products with the soy component carrying the biggest focus - The German Association of Food without Genetic Engineering (VLOG); The ProTerra Foundation and The Brazilian Association of Non-GMO Grain Producers (ABRANGE).

Delegates will be able to find out more about the current reality of commodity supply from Brazil;  clarity on the legalities of EU and national GM labelling regulations and be able to hear directly from growers and processors based in Brazil’s largest supply  regions the truth about the availability of oilseeds – what growers can deliver, why they can deliver, and the logistics of getting the products to market.

The conference is aimed decision makers of European trading companies, feed compounders, poultry, pig and dairy producers, as well as retailers. For more information and to attend the email: or visit
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