March 04, 2015

04/03/2015: BIOMIN to launch Mycofix® 5.0 - the most complete mycotoxin risk management solution to date

BIOMIN will unveil Mycofix® 5.0, a fully re-formulated, all-in-one mycotoxin risk management solution for livestock at VIV Asia 2015 in Bangkok.
The fifth evolution in the market-leading Mycofix® product line from BIOMIN will be introduced to the Asian market on 11 March in Bangkok, Thailand. Mycofix® 5.0 is an innovative, all-in-one feed additive that uses three modes of action –biotransformation, adsorption and bioprotection– to deliver absolute protection against mycotoxins –fungal metabolites toxic to animals and humans produced by common molds found in almost all types of grains.
  • Biotransformation. A unique combination of patented specific enzymes and biological components converts mycotoxins into non-toxic and environmentally safe metabolites. This mode of action targets fumonisins, trichothecenes, zearalenone and ochratoxin A.
  • Adsorption. Mineral adsorbents selectively bind adsorbable mycotoxins such as aflatoxins and ergot alkaloids.
  • Bioprotection. An innovative mix of natural ingredients provides immune support and counters the toxic side effects caused by mycotoxins.
“Mycofix® 5.0 represents decades of scientific research on mycotoxin deactivation and combines the most cutting-edge mycotoxin mitigation strategies available anywhere,” said Ursula Hofstetter, Director Competence Center Mycotoxins at BIOMIN.
Proven effectiveness
Mycofix® 5.0 contains the only EU authorized feed additives proven to adsorb harmful mycotoxins and to biotransform mycotoxins into nontoxic metabolites. Each Mycofix® 5.0 ingredient was evaluated in scientific and practical relevant field trials to assure effectiveness.
Surveying the mycotoxins threat
Since 2004, BIOMIN has conducted the annual BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey to identify the presence and potential risk posed to livestock animal production by mycotoxins worldwide. This year the latest data on trends and occurrences will be presented on March 12 at the 'Mycotoxins in Focus: Trends, Facts and Effects' conference to be held during the VIV Asia on March 12th at BITEC in Bangkok.

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