June 27, 2016

27/06/2016: Practical short course: Enzyme technology in oilseeds, oils & fats processing and transformation

Also great networking opportunities  
This course will take place at the Novotel Gent Centrum, Ghent, Belgium on Wednesday 21 & Thursday 22 September, 2016.
Full registration includes access to all presentations, short course manuals, lunch and coffee breaks and free access to the oils + fats trade show.
Early bird registration (on or before August 21): 95.00 EUR
Academic registration: 495.00 EUR
Group registration rates: 10 percent off for three or more; 20 percent off for five or more

Day 1: Wednesday, September 21, 2016

8:50 Opening remarks
9:00 Fundamentals of enzyme technology, enzyme stability and quality control, Dr Uwe Bornscheuer, University of Greifswald, Germany

Session 1: Soft Extraction Technology
9:30 Enzymatic cell opening using (hemi)cellulases and proteases for higher palm oil yield, Mr C L Rathi, Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd., India

Session 2: Enzymatic degumming
10:00 Optimising oil yield using phospholipases A, A1, A2 and B, Mr Hans Christian Holm, Novozymes, Denmark
10:30 Coffee/tea break
11:00 Oil degumming using phospholipases A and C, Mr Wouter Smits, DSM Food Specialities, the Netherlands 11:30 Enzymatic Degumming under Acid Conditions Improves Yield and Reduces Fouling, Mrs Nina Schroegel-Truxius, AB Enzymes, Germany
12:00 Enzymatic degumming in practice, Ir Jan De Kock, DeSmet Ballestra Group, Belgium
12:30 Lunch break & networking

Session 3: Enzymatic interesterification technology

13:30 Novel lipases for enzymatic interesterification, Mr Hans Christian Holm, Novozymes, Denmark
14:00 Specialty fats CBE and HMF substitute - SOS/OPO, Mr Krish Bhaggan, IOI Loders Croklaan, the Netherlands
14:30 Enzyme assisted biodiesel production from waste oils, Mr Per Munk Nielsen, Novozymes, Denmark

BioBase Europe pilot plant visit

15:00 Travel by bus to BioBase Europe in Ghent Port area
16:00 Introduction and guided tour of BioBase Europe pilot facilities
18:00 Travel back to hotel / End of Day 1
Ghent (Image: Luca Casartelli)
Day 2: Thursday, September 22, 2016

Session 3: Enzymatic interesterification technology (cont'd)
9:00 Free fatty acid reduction in edible oils, Mr Rohit Bangera, Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd., India
9:30 Enzymatic modification of cocoa butter and cocoa butter substitutes, Dr Koen Dewettinck, Ghent University, Belgium
10:00 Microbiological Synthesis of Glycolipid Surfactants, Dr Inge Van Bogaert, INBIO, Ghent University, Belgium
10:30 Coffee/Tea Break

Session 4: Industrial application of enzymatic interesterification

11:00 Analytical tools for optimising enzymatic lipid modifications, Mr Chris Dayton, Bunge Global Innovation, USA
11:30 Enzymatic biodiesel: from lab to industrial application, Dr Gijs Calliauw or Mr Dario Altera, DeSmet Ballestra Group, Belgium
12:00 Practicalities and success stories in applying industrial interesterification, Mr Peter Laurits Luke, AAK AarhusKarlshamn, Sweden
12:30 Lunch break & networking
13:30 Working with enzymes in lipid industry, TBC, USA
Session 5: Application of (phospho)lipases in food technology
14:00 Enzymatic lecithin de-oiling as alternative for enzymatic oil degumming, Dr Wim De Greyt, DeSmet Ballestra Group, Belgium
14:30 Enzymatic production of lysolecithin from lecithin with PLA2, Mr Wouter Smits, DSM Food Specialities, the Netherlands
15:00 Using structured lipids in food applications, Mr Kaustuv Bhattacharya, DuPont Nutrition BioSciences, Denmark
15:30 End of program
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