June 23, 2016

Consergra company profile


CONSERGRA SL is a Spanish company established in 1969. Since then, our main activity has been the construction of special refrigeration and air conditioning units mainly for the preservation of grains, oilseeds and perishable granulated products. Other refrigerating and air conditioning units for different purposes are also produced according to customer needs.

Over the years we have gained long experience in grain conservation by chilling, even under the harshest conditions in the desert or the tropics.

Our units combine modern design, optimum energy efficiency, reliability and ease of use. They are designed for heavy duty operation.

Our wide know-how, together with continued cooperation with and feedback from our customers, allows us to constantly develop new solutions and better machines.

We also supply other equipment related to the grain industry, such as high quality grain moisture meters, portable low cost moisture meters, on-floor chilling ducts and under-floor chilling ducts.

Another of our specialities is the installation of a variety of process instruments and machines. Since 1995 we have supplied instruments which use microwaves. This patented system allows instant analysis of product moisture and density. These instruments are very well suited for many kinds of food, feed, pet-food, chemical and pharmaceutical products. We have versions for laboratory and field use, which allow automatic control in real time of many processes such as drying, toasting, grinding, compacting and conditioning.

Our aim is to satisfy our customers with the best possible equipment, within the required delivery time and at a competitive price. We not only supply the machines and different solutions but also support our customers in the customised application of machinery and the necessary after-sales service. 

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