December 14, 2016

14/12/2016: Education & training

by Chris Jackson, Export Manager UK TAG

Last month, I wrote about the need to better inform farmers of the world about technological advancements that will improve their outputs and profitability, along with the need for them to protect the environment for future generations; with most of whom now actively doing so.
Chris Jackson

Nearly all farmers of my acquaintance are concerned with ensuring that their farms are there for their heirs and successors and along with their land and animals.

However, this is often tempered by low product prices, which force them to take short cuts for profit. Like any business, profitability is key but primary producers are often forced to take low prices as they are producing perishable crops with short shelf lives.

Marketing effects can be mitigated by cooperative marketing and strategic production plans, which inevitably have a capital demand available in the western world, but not generally so for the subsistence farmers of the world who are in a poverty trap.

Efficient livestock production is a possible way forward and it’s here where training and education is key. With the contribution made by our primary producers is still so often not recognised because the work by its very nature means long working hours and dirty conditions; we are decried and recognition is now long overdue.

Should the deserved level of recognition be afforded to primary producers, then perhaps the world will then see more young people encouraged to stay on the farms and produce the food that the migrants to the cities need.

This week in the Philippines, we have seen small farmers from many islands travelling to Manila to see what technologies they could see at the Agri link exhibition; which would be appropriate to their own production base.

This exhibition is different from so many that we attend worldwide as it aims to showcase animal breeding machinery along with technologies for smaller scale producers, rather than showcasing high end plant and machinery for the large and cooperate farming world.

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