December 14, 2016

15/12/2016: Chain-Vey ® lets the dogs out

Ever since MPE introduced its Cable to Chain(-Vey) Retrofit program it has been as much a hit as Baha Men’s 2000 single Who Let the Dogs Out ever was—except Chain-Vey’s calming Quiet Puck design may actually be more pleasant to listen to.

One pet food company had recently been experiencing a multitude of maintenance and productivity issues related to their cable conveying system, which frequently needed to replace broken cables and worn out pucks, creating down time and high maintenance costs.
Cable to Chain

The original manufacturer of the cable system had attempted multiple design improvements for the pet food company, but were unable to produce a long-term successful solution.

MPE's Chain-Vey engineers assessed the situation and recommended a cost-effective Chain-Vey® Retrofit System, which easily adapted the current cable conveying application to fully enclosed, FDA-approved food grade chain materials guaranteed to never break.

The client experienced a complete turnaround in conveyor reliability. Their Chain-Vey has required zero maintenance, as well as having reduced energy consumption, and increased facility operations to allow for 24-hour production without the need for additional staff.

The client was so impressed with the retrofitted application that they decided to standardise their operations and utilise Chain-Vey for all of their production facilities. “Retrofitting our system with Chain-Vey is the best investment we ever made” – Client Production Engineer

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