April 12, 2017

13/04/2017: Environmental focus - the next generation of drying

by Anders Malm, Tornum AB, Sweden

Good food quality starts with good raw material management

Caring for nature’s resources and for our climate is and will become even more important to guarantee the best growing conditions possible for generations to come.

Tornum AB, located in Sweden, is one of the leading companies in Europe, manufacturing and supplying complete grain handling systems for the agricultural and grain industries.

It serves customers through its head office in Sweden and with its subsidiaries and representatives in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Tornum offers complete solutions for drying, storage and conditioning of grain for new plants and expansions of existing facilities and strives to deliver professional customer guidance to construct and build the best system for their operations.

All Tornum dryers are made of galvanized sheet metal. Tornum Heat Recovery dryer, HR, is a continuous dryer recovers up to 30 percent of the energy that would be lost in a traditional dryer. Around a quarter of the hottest moist air in a HR dryer is recirculated.

Moist air that is recovered is passed through a recirculation zone and then mixed with the heated cooling air. As the recycled air is warmer than the ambient air, you can reduce the energy supply for the gas burner.

Nevertheless, you still achieve the desired drying temperature compared to only using fresh air. The design of the HR dryer also means that the exhaust fans at the top require less power. It also provides a quieter and cleaner working environment through its unique design.

Dust is always a concern when handling grain. The more dust following the grain loaded into a dryer, the more dust will be released during the drying process – resulting in dust emissions spreading in the area surrounding the dryer.

When developing the heat recovery dryer, Tornum had energy and dust emissions in focus. Reducing energy consumption when drying the crop means fewer burdens on nature’s resources. Less dust emissions means a better work environment for the people operating the dryer.

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