April 18, 2017

18/04/2017: Ali Habaj of Oman Flour Mills takes on new opportunity

After 17 years with Oman Flour Mills and Atyab Investments, Ali Habaj has decided to take on a new opportunity as CEO of one of Oman’s major industrial companies 

Ali Habaj
During Mr Habaj’s tenure in OFM, the company’s workforce grew from 220 to 1,500 employees.
It was under his leadership that Atyab Investments was created, an investment arm focused on value addition through downstream industries.

This is evidenced by a notable achievement in revenue growth from US$60 million in 2010 to US$ 220 million in 2016.

Atyab Investments built Oman’s largest industrial bakery and successfully turned around the country’s major poultry farms- broiler and layer facilities.

In addition to this, Atyab Investments is setting up new milling and grain silo facilities in Industrial Port of Sohar.

During the first half of this financial year the group’s profits grew by 47 percent compared to previous year and this robust growth will be seen in the second half as well.

The company will continue with its five year vision of investing US$1 billion in the food sector.

OFM and Atyab Investments will announce its new CEO soon.

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