November 24, 2017

24/11/2017: The future of poultry rearing innovation

Images courtesy of Agnieszka Surma
 Within the industry we focus heavily of course on industrial scales of poultry rearing and feeding. However, even the biggest farms, businesses and livestock counts had to start somewhere, and this particular innovation is exploring rearing chickens from within the home.

 Exploring on a minute scale different ways of feeding and protecting the livestock, seeing these innovations from their very beginning is promising and interesting to see perhaps the future of our poultry and eggs industries.

 Designer of the ‘Chicken Brooder’, Agnieszka Surma described the product as, “A compact set of elements to launch a private poultry breeding.” 

 She continues, “The brooder consists of several parts with different functions- the main element of the set is a plastic dome with a heating lamp closing a wooden base with a thermostat, which acts as a feeder. An additional part of the set is an outdoor enclosure protected by a mesh.” 

Images courtesy of Agnieszka Surma
 As an interesting other use of the product she explains, “When the chickens are already reared, the product gets a second life. The plastic dome turns into a hanging lamp, the enclosure can serve as a container, and the wooden base can act as a low table.” 


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