December 08, 2011

An extensive range of enzyme solutions

Nutrex is a leading supplier of innovative, top quality additives for the flour milling & animal feed industries, with headquarters in Belgium and an expansive global distribution network.

In it’s dedicated facility in Belgium, Nutrex produces an extensive range of enzyme solutions (Nutrase) and flour improvers (Nutrimco) for the flour milling industry. At its production sites in Belgium and the Netherlands, Nutrex manufactures a full range of feed additives including NSP enzymes, mycotoxin binders, immunonutrition products, water-soluble supplements and yeast derivates.
  • Nutrase Xyla is a unique bacterial endo-xylanase with special properties that considerably improve digestibility of corn and wheat diets for poultry and swine.
  • Free-Tox is a range of selected indigestible adsorbents that bind mycotoxins in the gastro-intestinal tract and prevent their uptake into the blood.
  • Y-Mune and Nutracid Intestim are new, innovative products for poultry and pigs that support growth and improve feed conversion by modulating the immune system, stimulating villi growth and increasing absorption capacity.
  • Nuvisol products are range of water-soluble vitamin supplements, specifically formulated for administration through the drinking water.
  • Y-MOS & Y-Boost are derived from high quality bakery yeast used in feed to support the development of young animals.
Our food and feed products are developed in close cooperation with leading research institutes around the world and supported by solid independent research and top performance. Nutrex prides itself in providing the finishing touch for nutrition by consistently adding high value to its customers’ and users’ products, allowing them to save more costs and improve performance.

This blog is written by Martin Little, The Global Miller, published and supported by the GFMT Magazine and the International Milling Directory from Perendale Publishers.
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