March 06, 2015

06/03/2015: Singapore study: Eat rice with chopsticks to reduce blood sugar level

If you want to control your blood sugar levels, one effective way could be to eat rice with chopsticks, say Singaporean nutrition experts, The Star Online reports.

According to Chinese newspaper Lianhe Zaobao, a local study jointly carried out by the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences, the National University of Singapore and the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre (CNRC) investigated the eating habits of 11 people, studying the differences between those who use chopsticks, spoons and hands to eat.

They found that those who use chopsticks to eat white rice experienced significantly lower glucose response, meaning that they had lower rates of increase in their blood sugar levels, compared to those who used spoons and hands.

CNRC director Jeyakumar Henry said he was inspired to carry out the study while sitting in kopitiams.

He said: "I lived in England for more than 30 years, and everyone used spoons to eat, but in my three years in Singapore, I realised that the multi-ethnic population here had their own unique ways of eating. This made me think about whether the way we eat affects our glucose response."

"I'm pleased that our survey showed that eating rice with chopsticks results in a lower glucose response. I think it's because when one uses chopsticks, the amount of rice grains picked up is smaller than if one uses his hands or a spoon. As a result, one eats less in a mouthful, and increases the time it takes to eat." 


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