April 12, 2016

12/04/2016: FiveF makes alkalising technology options available to the feed trade

FiveF is now offering the UK feed trade the opportunity to take advantage of its proven ration alkalising technology to be able to make new branded blended and pelleted feed ranges for their ruminant livestock farmer customers.

According to Malcolm Graham from FiveF, the move will allow feed manufacturers the opportunity to retail a versatile range of ration alkalisation options.

“In AlkabupHa® the feed trade is already able to offer an in-feed TMR alkaliser for units interested in making their own Alkalage or Alkagrain, but we wanted to help manufacturers become even more responsive to customer needs as more farmers appreciate the benefits of this technology.
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“For example, the new Alkablend® blended feeds incorporate the super concentrated Alkagrain 150 Protein Premix at 20 percent, allowing approved blenders to produce a range of bespoke feeds made from the ingredients stocked to balance on-farm feed availability and quality,” Mr Graham said.

“In addition, the high specification Alkanut® ranges are manufactured pelleted feeds ready to use straight off the truck. This is a powerful alkalising feed option proven recently to be particularly useful for automated feeding systems, such as through milking parlours, robots and out-of-parlour feeders.”

Further information on the new manufactured feed options is available from Malcolm Graham at FiveF on 01938 590615 or via e-mail: info@fivefalka.com

Visit the FiveF site HERE.

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