April 25, 2016

25/04/2016: ADM celebrates earth day with launch of sustainability progress tracker

Archer Daniels Midland Company has unveiled its Sustainability Progress Tracker, an online tool to provide an overview of the company’s goals and plans, as well as detailed reports on progress, as it works toward full implementation of its Commitment to No-Deforestation.  
The ADM Sustainability Progress Tracker can be found HERE.

“As individuals, governments, companies and NGOs the world over celebrate Earth Day, we are proud to unveil this online tool, which underlines our continued commitment to achieving the important sustainability goals we laid out when we issued our Commitment to No-Deforestation last year,” said ADM Chairman and CEO Juan Luciano.

“Now, customers, partners and other stakeholders can see the progress we’ve made, and just as importantly, our plans to continue to implement our sustainability goals.”

Though—with rare exceptions—ADM is not a grower of crops, the No-Deforestation policy aims to leverage the company’s role as a major buyer of crops to help create more sustainable, traceable agricultural supply chains that protect high carbon stock forests, important natural ecosystems and peatlands, as well as the human rights of individuals along the agricultural value chain. ADM has partnered with The Forest Trust to implement the policy.
Deforestation - a growing problem (Image: crustmania)
Working with The Forest Trust, ADM has made significant progress since the company issued the No-Deforestation commitment last May. The company has mapped its palm oil footprint, established baseline traceability scores, and completed a review of all of its direct suppliers. On the soy side, ADM is working to identify regions of high risk, establish baseline scores, and review all of its suppliers in order to create a detailed action plan for working with suppliers to achieve the company’s goals.

“The Progress Tracker also highlights the important progress we’ve made in implementing our 2014 Commitment to Respect Human Rights,” said Ismael Roig, ADM’s chief sustainability officer.

“Last year, we completed our global analysis of human rights issues and identification of high-risk geographies, and analysed the risks in our own supply chain. Now we’re moving forward with actions to mitigate those risks.”

Visit the ADM site HERE.

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