April 20, 2016

20/04/2016: Milling around the World at the Mills Archive: British Empire Mills - part 2

by Mildred Cookson, The Mills Archive, UK 

First published in Milling and Grain, March 2016 

In my previous article in Milling and Grain, I featured an article entitled “British Empire Mills” from a June 1902 issue of Milling, one of the three major milling journals, all held at the Mills Archive.

Milling, the ancestor of Milling and Grain, did not have the current magazine’s worldwide readership, but as a “Leading Weekly Organ of British and Irish Millers” it paved the way with articles on typical British mills in various countries, illustrated with photographs, some of which are reproduced here.

In Part 1 I described mills in Australia, India, New Zealand and South Africa, often equipped with Simon or Robinson plant. The Ganges Flour Mill Co Limited in India owned one such mill in Cawnpore, described as a typical modern Indian mill with a Simon system producing seven to eight sacks of flour per hour.

Nearer home, in 1885 Messrs R Scouler & Sons owned Dutch Mills in Ayr that were also equipped with a Simon roller plant. The mill, capable of four sacks per hour was said “to be pleasantly situated and a good type of inland Scottish mill”. In Ireland, Messrs. J Furlong & Sons owned two large flourmills, the Marina Mills, one of which is shown in the photograph.

As they stood on the Cork quayside of the River Lee, sea-going vessels could discharge their cargo at the door of the mill. The mill itself was fitted out with the “Simon” system and had a capacity of ten sacks per hour. Canada was well represented in the article with detailed descriptions, but rather poorer photographs, of mills in Alberta and British Columbia.

The Edmonton Milling Company’s mill in Strathcona, Alberta was built in 1892 and at that time had a capacity of around two sacks an hour. When built it was the most northern flourmill in Canada.  

Read the full article in Milling and Grain HERE.                   

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