April 18, 2016

18/04/2016: Breakthrough order on BoMill's home market

The Swedish company BoMill AB have received their first commercial orders of their grain sorting technique, TriQ, to its domestic market. The customer is Slätte Gård, one of Sweden's largest organic cereal farms.

The TriQ technology can be used to sort durum wheat, soft wheat and malting barley for Fusarium, protein and vitreousness, with a speed of 25000 kernels per second. This makes the TriQ very profitable for grain handling and milling businesses.

Karin Wehlin, CEO, says “We see this as an important breakthrough into our market. Our patented technique, sorting each individual kernel by looking at its chemical structure and composition shows an advantage compared to the existing solutions available on the market today.”

In order to meet global market demand BoMill has also strengthened its organisation in technical support.

Visit the BoMill site HERE.

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