February 06, 2017

07/02/2017: Keeping the faith as the US Trumps Brexit

by Chris Jackson, UKTAG

This month’s column follows some very unpredictable electoral results in the free world
Chris Jackson

First the UK decided to turn its back on Europe and voted to leave the EU Brexit, which British politicians did not expect after 50 years within, and as I recall, a struggle to get Europe to allow us in.

I’m sure we all remember President De Gaulle absolutely opposed to UK entry in to what was then the European Economic Community; a far cry from “political union” although that was written in the small print but never clearly explained to the British public.

Way back then we had a referendum to take us in, now we have had another referendum the result of which was leave.

Something our professional politicians are finding hard to perceive along with those who voted to remain however if you believe in democracy a majority, no matter how small, has to be accepted.

Then we saw the American people voting in Donald Trump against all the odds.

From my perspective, our professional media driven political elites have not yet woken up to the fact that maybe the people are tired of our politicians who see politics as a career to enhance their own incomes and egos, and not a calling to serve the population.

But where does that leave my country now?
Unelected bureaucrats, who have been making more and more rules for us to follow, whilst telling us that we must be austere as they increase their own salaries, will no longer govern us.

This leaves people under the age of 50 with an inbuilt problem in that they have not known a world not thus ruled. I think that our new status in the world now needs to be addressed and the challenges accepted.

Although it is not acceptable that the values of the British pound plummeted, driven by the international money gamblers. Now is the time for all politicians to talk about all of the positives that the UK has to offer.

With a low pound inward investment and exports both very attractive as things stand. The UK needs to work actively on these positives. Fortunately for us Brits, the country remains well respected throughout the world as a stable honest and reliable partner.

The EU will be the poorer for us leaving, as their institutional governing bodies were unable to adapt to a changing world.

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