February 23, 2017

24/02/20017: JTIC 2016, French milling industry celebrates in Paris

by Andrew Wilkinson, Milling and Grain

Much has happened in France over the past year or so that has brought international sympathy and support to the country

It almost goes without saying that some of these events, and the depth of the ensuing media coverage, may have tinged one’s perception of the country, with many visitors now approaching France with slight apprehension. But then you arrive in Paris.

Paris is a city of history, of beauty – for every one bad memory there are a million good ones and it was against this back drop that this year’s edition of Journées Techniques des Industries Cérèalières (JTIC) took place.

Set within Porte de la Villette, a bustling rich industrial tapestry woven from roadways and railway lines, the Paris Event Centre’s appearance was what could best be described as functional, but not ugly by any means.

However, the building and its location served to further demarcate between the work and pleasure aspect of Milling and Grain’s media partnership, all with a great exhibition stand.

Bustling first day
JTIC was held from November 9-10, 2016. The first day of the show was bustling, but not overly busy. This simmering of interaction allowed for exhibitors and visitors to converse at a not too brisk pace or volume.

Inside the main hall, some 2500m2 of space was reserved for all 130 exhibitors. The show ‘furniture’ was by no means imposing and the various avenues and thoroughfares afforded were adequate to allow typical continental European-style, close-quarters mingling.

As for the people, well the exhibitors were all very well informed, friendly and helpful. I am able to say first hand that compared to some others I have visited, those in attendance at JTIC 2016 were more than happy to answer all of my questions – with my more seasoned colleagues also feeling adequately enriched by those that they had the pleasure of encountering.

Milling and Grain’s recent Business Development Manager in France, Antoine Tanguy, was present for both days of JTIC, along with two translated versions of Milling and Grain.

This JTIC was different with a new version for Milling and Grain; its sixth language edition, launching Milling and Grain for the French, North African and other French-speaking regions of the world. The reaction and feedback was fantastic for both Antoine and the French versions of the magazines.

Meeting with millers, suppliers, academics, students, consultants, industry organisations and others allowed all copies of the French edition to be distributed. Its popularity was impressive. Antoine was able to network with the industry and bolster an international aspect to Milling and Grain.

Milling and Grain magazine in French is proudly here to stay and it was established with the industry endorsing it from the French capital city itself.

Read the French edition of Milling and Grain magazine HERE.

Read the full article HERE.

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