February 21, 2017

22/02/2017: Open-mouth bags verses valve bags

by Thomas Ziolko, Product Manager - Grain Milling, Bühler AG, Switzerland

The decision of whether to use open-mouth bags or valve bags when bagging product in the grain processing or feed industries is influenced by diverse factors

The trend is toward open-mouth bags. In Europe, North America and Australia, grain milling products are mostly filled into tank trucks in bulk. In Latin America, Africa and Asia, in contrast, bagging into open-mouth or valve bags is predominant.

However, in the recent past, there is a clear trend away from valve bags towards open ones. This is driven above all by the international availability of less expensive open-mouth bags, an easier filling process and the option of dust-tight closures which parallel the trend to greater food safety.

Not all bags are alike
Compared to the open-mouth bags, the upper part of the valve bags is almost completely closed. The valve bags have just one small opening; the ‘valve’ in which to fill the bag. As soon as the bag is full, the interior pressure of the bag closes the valve to stop product from spilling over.

Open-mouth bags are closed along the lengthwise side and on the bag bottom. They can be made of paper or plastic. They are easily filled and can be sealed by welding, sewing or gluing so nothing trickles out.

A big variety of bag types can be used. The side fold bags fill out in the shape of a block thanks to the inserted side fold that makes them very easy to stack. The cross bottom bags are particularly easy to stand alone or stack after filling because of their bottoms.

They are also effective for advertising because the bottom and sides of the bag can be printed. Laminated bags of woven polypropylene can also be printed in good quality and are available as a pinch bag.

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