June 24, 2018

25/06/18: Square bin storage – Supplying the feed and food industry

by Cimbria A/S, Denmark

Once again Cimbria had a busy year with many interesting square silo installations around the world. Also, on the Scandinavian market, there has been increased activities and enterprise, and Cimbria has supplied a number of square silo constructions for the feed and food industry.

Silo facilities for fish feed at Cargill, Norway
At the EWOS fish feed factory at Bergeneset in Norway, which now belongs to Cargill, Cimbria supplied an installation of a new bulk silo for fish feed pellets. The site is situated in the very north of Norway, close to Tromsø in the town of Bergneset, where EWOS has one of its three produc¬tion locations for fish feed in Norway.

The plant consists of a square silo system with 27 silo cells. The silo has been raised with a steel deck being mounted at a height of approximately six m. below the deck, there is a flat storage area for storing big-bags.

As the silo is designed for storage of fish feed pellets, the importance of gentle handling of the product has very high priority. After the feed pellets leave the production department, they are sifted on two sieves mounted in a tower above the silo. After the sieves, there are buffer bins and the pellets are transported from here to the storage bins by means of an X-Y robot-car moving along and across the silo deck on specially designed rails. Underneath the silo deck, reception bins with the same volume as the moving car are installed, thus enabling the bins to be emptied very fast. Emptying of the silo takes place by means of belt conveyors connected to the existing conveyor system running to the quay for loading onto ships.

As the silo is installed so close to the sea, the silo walls and decks are manufactured as hot-dip galvanised in order to provide as much protection for the steel as possible.

The parts for both the Marine Harvest and Cargill orders were delivered directly to the sites by ship from the port in Thisted.

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