June 27, 2018

28/06/2018: IAOM conference and expo 2018

by Darren Parris, Group President, Milling and Grain

Another year and the Milling family of North America came together in Atlanta Georgia for the 122nd Annual IAOM Conference and Expo.

Every year the show just get bigger and better and in reality is no longer just a North American show. Whilst IAOM is doing an excellent job in growing both tangibly and the awareness of all of the global chapters of IAOM, the North American event is steadily turning into a significant global event attracting both exhibitors and visitors from many countries around the globe.

Offering something for every miller IAOM in 2018 offered the opportunity for professional development with four educational tracks happening simultaneously on the Wednesday and two on the Thursday. High on the agenda for the current president Stephen Doyle was the opportunity to listen to the presentation from the keynote speaker for the Centre for Disease Control and the prevention of foodborne illness outbreaks.

Along with the many high-profile visitors of IAOM we welcomed Günes Ulesoy the Chairman of the Turkish Flour federation who made time in his busy schedule to come and support all the Turkish exhibitors as well as the flour industry as a whole. Check out what he had to say when I managed to sit down with him at the show in a future feature.

As well as the inspiring talks at the conference we were also privileged to have the opportunity to watch the innovative product showcased hosted on each of the individual booths.

Fawema spoke about the new generation of packaging machines where they highlighted the latest incarnation of the FA217, Fawema’s small retail packer one-10 pounds, which delivers even more benefits to the customer.

With its ultra-hygienic, easy to clean design and fast change over time, this machine has been built with the future in mind. Additional heat sealing bars allow the customer to seal both paper and plastic bags, giving customers the ability to pack value added products as well as traditional flour mixes on just one line.

Haver & Boecker spoke about the HAVER SEAL technology prevents material loss as an inflatable sleeve in a specifically designed filling spout inflates during the filling process. After dust free filling, the bag is carefully extracted from the spout and the specially designed bag valve is welded shut by an ultrasonic sealing system. Most producers will likely see a payback on their new SEAL technology in less than 12 months.

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