December 09, 2018

Enter your product into the GRAPAS Innovations Awards

On June 13th, in Cologne, Germany 2019, the GRAPAS Innovations Awards and Conference will be taking place.

The GRAPAS Innovations Awards are made to the most innovative and economically beneficial equipment, process or service introduced in recent times to the food industry, encompassing all things flour, rice and pasta.

Nominations are being called for from all sectors of food milling around the world, to enter their latest products into the Innovations Awards, for a chance to get them recognised in front of thousands of Victam International attendees!

The finalists selected from all applications made will have the opportunity to present their innovation at a special one-day conference on June 13th, 2019.

A variety of key food machinery companies have already registered interest, including Bühler, Bastak, CPM Europe, Siwertell, Brabender and many more. If you want your company to get involved with this group of heavily-influential food machinery businesses, then enter the GRAPAS Innovations Awards now!

The GRAPAS Innovations Awards serve as a brilliant chance for companies to give their new products plenty of exposure. Applicants to the awards gain free entry to both Victam International and the GRAPAS Conference. They also gain a free booth at the conference, in which to display their newest product to the thousands of businesses and industry figureheads present at the event.

Milling & Grain magazine will also report extensively and promote GRAPAS Innovations Awards applicants in the months leading up to and during the conference, via our magazine, newsletters and various websites.

Your products will be featured in the magazine's Product Focus sections, multiple press releases regarding the event, the monthly GRAPAS column, and the extensive features about the event, in our 2019 "GRAPAS special edition" of the magazine.

Our deadline for entries is March 31st, 2019.

How to enter
To participate a nomination must be an innovation, process or service and comply with the following:
1. Have been introduced to the market after January 2017
2. Be new
3. Make a contribution to efficiency and/or safety
4. Demonstrate significant practical value
5. Applications can be made by both exhibitors and non-exhibitors

For further information please contact:
Milling and Grain magazine
Attention: Miss Rebecca Sherratt
7 St George's Terrace
St James' Square
Gloucestershire GL50 3PT
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1242 267700

For more information visit the GRAPAS Conference 2019 website, HERE.

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