December 20, 2018

New directions for the feed machinery industry

We often wish that the world could stop changing and developing

Just as we feel comfortable in our space and life, a new development knocks us sideways. Unfortunately, that is the inevitable mark of progress that we need to grab onto and keep up with in order to survive and even thrive as we move into the future.

The feed machinery industry is no different. In 2014, China initiated a new ISO technical committee to develop standards specific to stationary feed machinery. China is one of the top producers of feed machinery and animal feed. They saw this window of opportunity for international support in what they perceived as an underserved industry. While the response of the international community was mixed on the topic, there was enough support to gain approval and the establishment of ISO TC 293 Feed Machinery.

International standards need to represent the majority of global manufacturers. Different regions of the world develop processes that align with their geographic needs as well as national regulations. Balanced standards must provide enough generality to accommodate the majority.

The US initially voted against the proposed technical committee as US manufacturers did not perceive a need for standards specific to feed machinery. With the international committee formed, the US made the decision to get involved in order to help balance the global participation which initially included Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Work began with the development of the foundational terminology to be used in the subsequent standards being planned. US involvement assisted in the clarification and reduction in the overall number of terms deemed necessary as a foundation. The proposed drafts were translations from Chinese standards and as there isn’t a direct translation for many of the terms used in the English language, expressing ideas and explaining differing viewpoints has been a challenge for the countries involved. Work continues as the terminology standards are being refined with an eye toward publication in the future.

The committee focus is now moving toward the applications of Safety and Hygiene in feed machinery, two important areas. The second international gathering of represented countries will take place on January 15-16th, 2019 in Winterthur, Switzerland.

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