December 16, 2018

Superior Grain Equipment company profile

Superior is a family-owned company based right in the heart of farm country – in Kindred, North Dakota. They offer a complete line of robust grain storage, handling and conditioning equipment suitable for commercial facilities and farm operations.

Their state-of-the–art manufacturing locations feature the most advanced manufacturing equipment and quality control procedures. Meanwhile their dedicated workforce understands the importance of crop protection to your livelihood.

Superior are committed to providing superior bins and grain handling equipment that can be relied on for generations. You are invited to call or visit to see for yourself why Superior is more than their name, but also their promise to you of the quality you can expect from every one of their bins and their complete line of grain handling equipment.

Designed to fit your operation’s needs
Small or large, Superior Grain Equipment can help. Whether it’s a single farm bin or a large commercial facility complete with conditioning and handling systems, their experts work with you to determine the most efficient and economical storage solution for your operation while keeping in mind future growth.

- Site Analysis & Selection
- Project Design & Management
- Engineering Support

Construction you can rely on
Strength and stability. Superior take pride in manufacturing using only the highest quality materials and incorporating the latest innovations to build the most durable storage systems available.

- Lifetime Warranties Engineered
- Precision Fit Designs
- Withstand Highest Winds & Loads

Total support, from start to finish

Superior understand that it’s not just grain, but your livelihood that their products protect. From day one, they are committed to using their decades of experience and dealer network to support you and your operation’s growth.

- Top to Bottom
- Construction Service & Warranty
- Worldwide Dealer Network

From farm and commercial binds to grain dryers and accessories, all of the superior products are built with superior materials and attention to detail. Their decades of experience means that they understand exactly what it takes for you to get the most out of your grain storage and handling equipment. We pride themselves on delivering exceptional service and products.

For more information visit the Superior Grain Equipment website, HERE.

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