March 07, 2019

A dome for every demand

 by Rebecca Long Pyper, Dome Technology, US

With greater focus on food safety and increased capacities, storage structures need to get more sophisticated too. Enter a monolithic, steel-reinforced concrete dome from Dome Technology, a company that has been building domes for more than four decades in capacities ranging from 5,000 to 200,000 metric tonnes.

“The dome is an affordable structure that fits the grain industry well. Concrete is going to be more durable, making a dome more of a long-term investment, compared to other storage options,” says Dome Technology Sales Manager Heath Harrison, a grain-industry expert of 20 years, who previously worked in management for major grain companies in the Midwest and West Coast of America.

The shape of domes to come
Historically, the most popular domes for grain customers are the hemispheric dome and the DomeSilo. Companies with ample land might select the hemispheric dome, a storage solution that can be built to hold any amount.

On the other hand, companies requiring substantial storage, on a smaller parcel of land, might consider the DomeSilo, a tall and narrow dome in which product can be stacked deep on a small footprint. Increased capacity is made possible by geometry: the double curvature of the dome lends itself to building up, rather than out, and the curve provides strength at all points of the structure, even at the apex. The entire interior of a dome can be used to contain product, not to mention domes are designed to withstand high wind and seismic events.

Every dome model delivers flexibility. For products where explosion is a concern, round relief panels channel pressure out of the structure, preventing structural damage. Integrating existing reclaim systems is always an option with a dome. And for companies moving product from barge to storage to truck in short order, the Drive-Thru DomeSilo might be the answer.

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