November 08, 2012

08/11/12: USA special

  • Spot the odd one out: library, student union, lecture theatre, feed mill. The first three are university staples, but how often do you see a feed mill on campus? The answer is fairly regularly if you attend  Kansas State University, USA. Work has started on its new feed mill which will be home to the feed science and management programmeMore information...
  • NAMA has held its annual meeting. Outgoing chairman, Paul Maass spoke about how the milling industry can increase industry impact by sharing insights and outlined NAMA's objectives for the coming year. Find out the details here.
  • Californian voters reject mandatory GM labelling. Prop 37 would have required food companies and retailers to label products with genetically modified ingredients. The proposal was was narrowly defeated with 53-47 percent split. Read more... 

Kansas State University
Kansas State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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