November 28, 2012

28/11/12: Stories on reducing poultry lameness; GEAPs training

  • A report into reducing lameness in poultry through probiotics is available online. The report, by BIOMIN. According to report author, BIOMIN, modern production lines places great demands on the birds’ musculoskeletal system in terms of growth rates for broilers and egg production for laying hens. This can lead to musculoskeletal diseases, which are normally characterised and diagnosed by lameness. Read more...
  • GEAPs and Kansas State University are set to offer more training options in 2013 via their distance learning education programme. A total of 19 online courses will be offered in 2013, up from 14 this year and 12 in 2011. The schedule includes five new or updated courses, including 'Introduction to Grain Operations'. 'Grain Quality Management', 'Grain Elevator Equipment Maintenance', 'Grain Facilities Planning & Design' and 'Preventing Grain Dust Explosions'. More information...

Grain (Photo credit: Frapestaartje)

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