November 26, 2012

26/11/12: Spain cuts grain imports; Indian Farming Association; antibiotic research

  • Spain cut imports of the grain by 38 percent in September from a year earlier, while increasing corn purchases, reports Bloomberg. The country imported 695,429 metric tons of wheat in the month, compared with 1.12 million tons in September 2011. Read more...
  • The Consortium of Indian Farmers Association (CIFA) has demanded removal of all trading controls on exports of rice, wheat and cotton. The association wants the Government to allow them to export whenever international markets offered them good prices. Read more...
  • A unique two-year research project is being undertaken by Diamond V and the National Animal Disease Center (NADC) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) to examine the impact of antibiotics, dietary supplements, and stress on the microbial communities and host mucosal tissues of the swine intestinal ecosystem. The goal is to identify alternatives to traditional antibiotics for use in reducing the antibiotic resistance gene reservoir and food borne pathogens in farm animals. Read more...
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A bag of wheat, often used as an adjunct
A bag of wheat, often used as an adjunct (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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