October 10, 2014

10/10/2014: GFMT/Milling and Grain magazine's re-branding to benefit Spanish readers


The Perendale Publisher's team met with Ivan Marquetti (back, centre) of Perendale's Argentina's office in Cheltenham, UK, today to discuss plans to move GFMT from six to 12 editions per year from 2015 and to discuss the magazine's name change in the up-coming re-branding process.

Ivan says GFMT has found a valuable place in the Latin American market due to its regular online and in-print Spanish language editions and the value of the information carried on its Spanish-language website, whcih has been recently updated.

GFMT is being re-branded 'Milling and Grain' from its January 2015 edition to better reflect millers interess and encompass grain handling and storage. However, the number of editions translated into Spanish will remain bi-monthly, taking the best from two editions of Milling and Grain each. 

Ivan is flanked from on his right by and Tom Blacker and Darren Parris and on his left by James Taylor and Roger Gilbert. In front, from left, are Tilly Geoghegan, Tuti Tan and Olivia Holden.

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