October 29, 2014

29/10/2014: Cereal farmers fight mines for their food production land

99 conditions imposed on Rex Minerals, may not be enough to stop it from undertaking open-cut mining for copper, gold, iron ore and uranium in a large area of South Australia's York Peninsula is threatening traditional wheat and cereal farmers.
Glorious fields of what and cereal right down to the coast line in South Australia's York Peninsula

This is the region west of Adelaide that has been farmed by generations of cereal farmers, who have turned a hostile environment in to one of the most productive grain growing regions over several generations. Now it threatens to be dug over up to 2.5km wide and more than a km long and to the depth of 400-plus metres.

If you want to read a heart-renching story of mineral exploration verses traditional food production in one of our global 'food baskets' then look no further than the Guardian's feature on the families who are fighting to save their cropping land and their heritage against the miners!

Will food production be over-powered by big business when we all know cereals are vital in today's world when populations are expanding and where wheat accounts for every seventh calorie we consume today? Comment to show your support for making the right decision that supports grain growing!

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