March 03, 2016

03/03/2016: Agrifood International Congress, Port of Tarragona, Spain, 14-15 April 2016
Over the last decade, in the agricultural-food sector, large changes already sensed in previous years have materialised. The biggest changes which have occurred on both the demand and the supply level have been a result of the increase in the consumption of animal protein on a worldwide scale. Above all, due to the increase in income of the emerging countries, to the use of these raw materials as a substitute to traditional fuels, to the increase in   productivity of the land and to the introduction of genetically modified products. 

These major changes in the sector and also the ones that are predicted to arrive in the not too distant future, such as those that will occur due to climate change, make us think about the need to open a forum for exchanging knowledge in order to prepare ourselves for a clearer future. Therefore, the Port of Tarragona and the Ports of the State have decided to organise an International Congress of this sector where leading players, public institutions and experts can share and analyse our doubts and make proposals to prepare for that future.

We believe that the attendance of your company members at this Congress, to be held in Tarragona on 14 and 15 April 2016, is foremost and we sincerely count on your presence and active participation. 

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