March 21, 2016

21/03/2016: Agentis President Yiannis Christodoulou to speak at Global Milling Conference at GRAPAS in Bangkok
Yiannis Christodoulou holds executive roles within Agentis Innovations, Progressus and Athene Consulting, all companies which he co-founded in 2011. He has been exclusively associated and active in the livestock, aquaculture and feed milling industries in the Asia Pacific region since 1999.

At this year’s GRAPAS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, on Wednesday, March 29, 2016, he will be speaking at Perendale's very own Global Milling Conference. His presentation will be titled 'On-site, At-Line or In-Line? Effective technology for moisture measurement.'

Here's a brief run-down:
Moisture loss or variation is a natural phenomenon within the milling industry. Moisture variation occurs not only within the same batch of the same raw material but it is also amplified during storage and processing.   To monitor moisture, tests are typically performed during the receiving of the material, during storage and/or prior to being utilised for processing.

Unfortunately traditional methods of on line testing for moisture are not suitable for effective moisture management activities for three key reasons.  First is the number of samples that are required to be taken throughout the process on a continual basis.  Second is the sampling method and time delay before analysis and third is the speed and accuracy of the analytical methods used.

Agentis Innovations have developed a line of unique In-Line technologies that address these problems.  The new technology is able to generate moisture data in real time and also capture and process the data to produce automated process control systems that have the ability to make real time changes within the feed and milling production process.

Interested in attending the Global Milling Conference? Read more and register HERE.

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