March 31, 2016

31/03/2016: Norel family pays tribute to founder Enrique Pablos Pérez
Those at Norel say, "We thank him, who - above all else - was always a good man. We thank his family for the support they have always given us in what is now a big family, Norel. Don Enrique will always be in our hearts."
It was with great regret that Norel announced the passing of Mr Enrique Pablos Pérez, at the age of 86, on Saturday, February 27, 2016. 

Mr Enrique Pablos had a great entrepreneurial spirit. He was known in Spain and internationally. During his career, he worked as general manager of large companies such as Laboratorios Syva and Nature, and in 1980 he founded the company that would later become his passion: Norel SA, a company he chaired from its foundation. Today, Norel is a multinational conglomerate of companies with a presence on 4 continents. 

Thanks to his great creative capacity (what he called imagination), these companies have excelled by offering exclusive products at competitive prices, which have certainly improved the efficiency of the agri-food sector: let the 18 patents filed under his name and the registered trademarks worldwide serve as an example. 

The whole Norel family is shocked by this sad loss. They remember his friendship, his positive attitude, good humour, and affection. He was an inspiring person who continuously offered opportunities for personal growth, which all at Norel hope they have seized in order to continue his legacy and honour his memory with their work and effort.

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