March 07, 2016

07/03/2016: Protecting stored grain

Digital monitoring sensors protect grain investments by Nicole Emanuel, BinMaster

First published in Milling and Grain, January 2016

For those who work in the grain industry, battling the natural elements to grow a bountiful crop is only half of the challenge. Monitoring and maintaining post-harvest grain stored in silos, flat storage warehouses and piles is a difficult process.

Although there are several factors to consider, this potential difficulty can be overcome with the right grain monitoring system in place. Safe grain storage is essential for both large industrial grain producers and local farm operations. Advanced digital grain temperature, moisture and CO2 sensors help to protect grain investments by continually monitoring stored grain conditions and sending alerts when conditions change or fall outside of desired parameters.

With this valuable data, facilities have the information needed to ensure a stable storage environment to prevent spoilage and unwanted growth in grain silos. These solutions work to ensure superior product quality, prevent losses and achieve a high return on investment for grain assets. It is difficult to maintain a crop’s value after harvest.

Stored grain will change and deteriorate rapidly without proper handling. This is especially true when conditions are less than optimal at harvest and grain may not have been adequately dried prior to storage.

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